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Could be this new generation is going to destroy the NRA! I think we have a wonderful group of youth growing up all over the world.

By AntaresRose8
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I agree. And they are so knowledgable and not taking the BS from the administration. I am feeling hopeful.

mary25y Level 5 Mar 25, 2018

America is going to win like crazy in Nov 2018. We are going to get rid of these dimwits and we are going to vote the best of all in. It is high noon at the OK corall for this admin.

I hope so.


I have so much faith in the coming generations. I can't wait to witness how they change the world.


I just hope they can do it.

Rugglesby Level 8 Mar 25, 2018

Well, we certainly have given them more than enough to be sick and tired of.
More power to them. I hope they tear down everything that's wrong with this country.
Damn the torpedoes!!!!

KKGator Level 9 Mar 25, 2018

These kids grew up after the first mass school shooting. They have always had that fear as a part of their lives. They finally accepted the fact that the adults aren't going to do anything. A sleeping giant has been awakened and it is pissed.These kids aren't going to stop until they change the world.

EricJones Level 7 Mar 26, 2018

One hopes so. Schools by me are starting to do mass shooting drills.

Well, that is so much more of a great idea than learning to give the mass murdered CPR! What a dumbass. I think having a plan in place to help deal with all the chaos in a mass sshooting makes sense. I also think either the police or teachers should visit once a semester. They should explain in no uncertain terms the type of actions these mass murderers exhibit. All seem to think they have been cheated, run to the iternet and blog their bloody ideas, threaten others. There are a number of outright motions they go through. We all need to be more observant.I am willing to take a test once a year to determine i recognize these symptoms. I think these sellers of thes guns or baby killers need to learn to ask enough questions and judge a person before selling them a gun.


Power to the people. it's nice to see solidarity and not war

lol funny, funny comic

thank you x


The NRA sa what happened to the tobacco companies and vowed not to let this happen to the gun industry. It has been extreme offense all the way. The thing they forgot is that their products are deadly and sooner or later enough people will have enough of their crap and take action. That time seems now.

Right now I will challenge all those NRA members to either make a stand against their group or against their and our children. You can't have it both ways!

I smoked. Talk about harmful, no good qualities, it is cigarettes. In 2010, 2011, I was retired but I wanted to get what I called a fun degree. Something like 3D programmimg and photoghaphy. Three weeks into 3 different semesters, I was put in the hospitals.. I came down with COPD. I have oxygen in my home and bottles to take with me. I have strengented my lungs. I also have asthma, so I watch the weather. Too hot or too cold, I am not out. I was 44 yrs old in 1992 when I had a serious heart attack. They told me when they diagnosed me in the ER. You must give up the cigarettes or die young. I was in ICU for almost 2 weeks, so I had 2 weeks of non smoking in. My parents came for 2 weeks when I came home. So, that added 2 weeks. I have been smoke free since. I cannot tell you it wasn't difficult, but the heart attack and COPD really changed my lifestyle. I am glad to be as active as I am and alive, I cannot stand the smell of cigarette smoke. It makes me very ill.So my point, not only do cigarettes kill you like a gun, I do not know how people can afford them and I am happy the tobacco companies are going under. I will be just as happy to see the NRA downsized. Assualt rifles have no place in out everyday lives!

@BettyColeman My dad was a heavy smoker (Chesterfields) and most of us vowed not to follow his example. In the end he had lung cancer, high blood pressure and a brain tumor. He died at 66.

@JackPedigo You should see some people with COPD. They do not quit. COPD did not hit me when I was younger. It came when I was older and more vulnerable. i can be active without using my oxygen but i do have to watch. I affectionality call it the year of the heart. LOL. I had 4 heart caths, 2 angiolastys, and ended with a bypass on that artey they couldn't keep open. I have not had any heart trouble sick, but I watch what I eat, and I have learned you cannot smoke and live long. A few odd one may, but on the whole, you will go through problems later. I am so sorry. I wish I could fix it for you. I also just went through squamous cell carcinoma cancer in a finger, a large Tomer. i As had 2 patched of basil carcinoma in my back. I am cancer free now. I had the best is surgical dermatologists, and I am cancer free now. My doctors blamed my love of a tanning bed for about 2 years! I quit that in 1980s. I stay out of the sun as much as possible. Everyone says I am pale! LOL. I have since 2015 lost 2 people and a grandson on 2008. Somedays hurt more than others, but wherever they roam, they are in a better place.

@BettyColeman Wow, I do not comprehend how companies think this is alright and will fight to keep these kinds of reactions to their products hidden. My German uncle was a heavy smoker most of his life. He survived 9 years in Russia including 5 in a Siberian Gulag so he was tough. He started to have health problems in his 70"s and his doctor (a Jew) told him he could not help him because he smoked. My uncle came home and threw his cigarettes away and never smoked again. He became an in-your-face anti-smoker. he lived to be 94!


With luck they will. Over here in Britain we have had precisely ONE school shooting in 30+ years. This was the Dunblane shooting in Scotland back in 1996. It was carried out via handguns. The result - we outright banned handguns. No school shootings since. Britain has some of the most stringent gun control laws in the world, and we have one of the lowest rates of gun crime and gun related injuries and death. America has the most relaxed gun laws of any developed nation and has the highest rates of gun crime injury and death. These figures are not coincidences.

Nomad Level 6 Mar 26, 2018

Whatever gets those kids out to actually vote in national elections is fine by me. After uncle Bernie didn't get the nomination, they all stayed home in November... And we all know what happened next.

MrLink Level 8 Mar 26, 2018

The NRA is shameless and the most self entitled, non compromising, spoiled sons a bitches I've ever seen. It is only a matter of time until they are brought down.

Rudy1962 Level 9 Mar 26, 2018

I have a lot of hope for the future thanks to the young people of today. They have a real desire to change the world for the better and they're willing to do something about it.

Jnei Level 8 Mar 26, 2018

It is the first time for years that I have felt positive about the USA. Let us hope these young people keep up their activism and encourage others to do the same, and then spread out into other fields as well as gun control.

CeliaVL Level 7 Mar 26, 2018

Seeing all the marching footage and signs gave me such hope. Trump ran away to golf rather than see 800, 000+ protest in DC. A group of 2000 went to Mara Logo to protest. The president too the back way so he wouldn't have to deal with them. Coward.


Good to see Marcie from Peanuts out protesting! (She's in the middle with the sign saying "Ban assault rifles"!)

Jnei Level 8 Mar 26, 2018

I hope so. My generation sure didn't get it done.

Sticks48 Level 9 Mar 26, 2018

Man, I hope so.


How much of an insecure idiots did the counter-protesters have to be? They showed up with guns and signs displaying foul language to a protest organized by teens, with a large contingent of children.

Sandy Hook survivors and families bussed to Washington DC for the national protest. But our local protest in Phoenix was the biggest I've seen since the first days of Occupy.

Speaking of which, I told some of our local kids to camp out in front of the capitol once the school year ends. Emphasize that they aren't about getting out of school, but actually changing the ridiculous Wild West gun laws we have in the states.


I spent most of Saturday as a legal observor for the ACLU at our march in Melbourne, FL. The kids I talked gave me hope for the future, something I struggle with on a daily basis.

BillF Level 7 Mar 26, 2018

Its a product of imperialism which is trying to establish a militrisation of economy.

FAIZ Level 5 Mar 26, 2018

I agree.


Me too


I hope so. But let's remember, cockroaches can survive almost anything.

Benthoven Level 8 Mar 27, 2018

Nra Playbook... We gonna need a Serious Big War.... Coming!

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