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Has anyone ever noticed that if someone uses the expression "here's food for thought," that without a doubt what follows next is total and absolute drivel?

It's almost as if they were sending a signal that it's safe to ignore whatever they say.

Robotbuilder 7 Mar 26

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Not without a doubt. Sometimes it's not drivel. Sometimes it is. Sometimes it can be used facetiously or as a joke. Am I taking this too seriously? Lol


Similar to "i'm not a racist...but " "I don't hate gay...but"

Nothing good is going to come after the "but" as they prove themselves a hater.


I've noticed that when someone says that to me, the next thing they say has nothing todo with food. Now I'm hungry!



Wow. Deep. That's food for thought. I shall pray for you, Brother Robotbuilder.


It sounds better than "I'm just about to talk some shit"


Obviously they mean "junk food".


"Sorry, I don't feed my mind junk food."


I will take note of this from now on.

Perhaps it is similar to the, "I don't mean to be offensive, but..."


No, sorry, that hasn't been my experience.

marga Level 7 Mar 26, 2018
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