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LINK Medical Marijuana and Gun Laws Collide | Fortune

Funny and Pathetic.

EdEarl 8 Mar 27

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I think that I am on the fence with this law. There are certain perscribed psychoic medication that I believe would fall under this law. My position is, if you need drugs for medical reasons, your brain could be altered so as to effect your perspective and nervous reactions. Having a gun, under these conditions is not in the best interest of that person. And, why is the ownership of a gun, the first thought in protecting one's self? In my 78 years of much pain and suffering have I ever concluded that a gun would be my best protection! That covers driving long distance in the middle of the night for work and other activities! That covers being beaten by an alcoholic madman husband on many occasions and having to run for my life! No, I don't agree that a gun is needed to protect ourself under all conditions!

I agree that guns and drugs don't mix. However, putting drug users into prison is unjust and laws that do it are pathetic People pushing for "strong drug laws" are funny, because they think it will deter people because they are breaking a law.

@EdEarl precisely...putting people in prison for drug use, has not helped our society! We now have more people than ever in prison for drug reasons and we seem to have an increase in drug use! So wouldn't that prove something on 'prison" for preventing drug use? We have become a punishing society...punish people for the most mundane of reasons! This is not an evolving social consciousness!


And not surprising. Idiots.

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