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"I like biting if done in the right way(s)" a man wrote.

This from a 63-year-old man on a dating site.

"What are you talking about?" I replied. "My skin is tender and bruises easily. Bruises last a long time. I don't want anyone biting my skin."

His response:

"I understand about your skin ... I suppose then mine is a bit rougher or tougher ... as a bite does no damage. If any happened it would be a bruise ( which I wouldn't mind at all )
would not go for blood being drawn, except by scratches, though."

"I bruise easily," I replied. "Forget it. I don't want to meet you."

"My parting shot to him:

"As women get older, our skin becomes more fragile and tears easily. Sounds like you enjoy hurting women. Sadist. Join an S&M dating site."

Where's a silver cross when I need one?

LiterateHiker 9 Jan 1

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Your posts are a pile up on the highway. I shouldn't look but can't look away.


Maybe he should get an aggressive dog and have a go with it.


I think I am still trying to wrap my mind around someone talking about biting with a woman they have not met. That seems so odd and inappropriate. Biting is fine if both parties enjoy it but in an on line conversation with a person you never met? Crazy.

Yes, but this was Tinder so I think he gets a pass, as at least around here that is known as more of a hook-up rather than dating site!

@JosephS yes that's true. I did not think of that. I have never been on Tinder but have heard it is more of a hook up site.


Is a gentle nibble, with dentures removed, acceptable?? 🀣🀣🀣

@Petter lol tis funny 🀣🀣🀣



Thanks for posting this.
I was having a moment of weakness and actually considering the idea of re-entering the dating world.
That moment is over, as I have jumped up and down upon it until it was dead, and then kicked it into traffic, to be run over by an 18-wheeler.


Love your hilarious reply!

I picture you throwing rocks to drive it into traffic.

Woah woah I understand why the earth's magnetic pole was shifting so were considering entering the dating pool.

It may take awhile, but nature's balance can now return to normal.

@LiterateHiker people pay money to "chat" on these "dating" sites ? Spanking is surely sadistic for both willing victim and perpetrator.....3 movies 50 shades of billionaire stalker surely encouraged this 63 year old FREAK .... kink shaming is too good for this old boy..... and Hollywood/publishers cashed in big time from voyeures


Why on earth would he have that conversation with you on a dating site? Shouldnt you all have met first? Odd guy


My parting shot to him:

"As women get older, our skin becomes more fragile and tears easily. Sounds like you enjoy hurting women. Sadist. Join an S&M dating site."

Id rather know things like that up front. Its an easy rule in/ rule out, like smoking or politics or such.


In my experience, if they start this way it just increases in weirdness in time. Bullet dodged and sometimes the only response one needs to give is fuck off. I mean you haven't even met yet, and they want to bring up this detailed sort of thing? What about getting know what type of person each other are first??? Trust me, I've got enough stories of my own to make someone's head turn.


I understand your response. I personally don't mind biting (if it's requested) and gently being bitten. You don't dig it, that's cool. Some folks do.


I didn’t necessarily read into this that he insists on biting women. To me it sounds like he likes being bitten himself and was defending/minimizing that. Probably enjoys both, but wasn’t necessarily tryin to talk you into it. Yet. But yeah if that’s beyond the realm of the thinkable from either direction, still best to use some forethought n nip that in the bud. But don’t use those words exactly πŸ˜‚


Well when people tell you who they are, believe them.

If two consenting adults want biting and scratching as part of their sex life, it's none of my business, but I can't figure out a way to regard it as healthy. We're humans, not Klingons.

Maybe he has been watching way too much sci fi.

Biting need not injure. The idea is to provide a particular tactile sensation. Unless you're a Klingon.


So you're kink shaming him in front of all of us?

GwenC Level 7 Jan 1, 2020


I think it's hilarious! See the vampire picture I posted?


I am a firm believer that there is only one purpose served by let you know theres something wrong.....that being said...I also realize some people like pain, or even crave it....its should be by invitation only, and mutually agreed on.


Hmm, what is the right way to bite someone... with some fava beans and a nice Chianti?

Deb57 Level 8 Jan 1, 2020

Meh, win a few, lose a few. I see nothing wrong with laying out a few criteria in your online datting quest. Id imagine that plenty of men find your obesession with low fat food and hiking, to be masochistic. He offered, you declined, life goes on.


Perhaps it's better asking in advance than suggesting stuff in the room...


Did you tell him to go bite the big one?


My advice....Don't bite....Kiss.


What weirdos you do come across. I would not even bother answering him if I got something like that from anyone. Or perhaps just with one word, a nasty one.


I like it too ... giver or taker <grin>

Not all the time, but as "punctuation" when sufficiently moved enough !

That 'ole different strokes thing ...


I've encountered a woman who liked to be gently bitten. It didn't make me dislike her.

Sure but this is something that one keeps to oneself and doesn't tell anyone about until you know that person intimately.

@Jolanta yes. Talking sexual preferences and experiences too early usually takes the interaction in strange directions - at least for me.


Thinning skin with age is not restricted to women. My father's skin is now paper thin and tears easily.


Good point. Thanks.


I do not know why some men have to prove a point to tell a woman about the biting part of things. Things were supposed to go with the flow without being mechanical - likes and dislikes when the time comes. I am not sure if he thought it turned you on. Maybe he had a weird way of enquiring what you liked ...or don't like. Strange thoughts on his part to begin with though. ...or maybe he should be swopping roles with Suarez, the soccer player that loves to bite his opponents πŸ˜‚


Doesn't have to be silver that just adds to the damaging effects of the set implement used against a werewolf or vampire. πŸ˜‹
Odd place to take a conversation. πŸ€”
Wishing you well.


Yikes, ignorant Dipshit, if I do a playful nibble not damage more like a kiss


I once had a girlfriend who wanted me to bite her nipples....I couldn't bring myself to do it nearly hard enough for her!


Good for you for using restraint.

I still feel bad about throwing a pillow at my teenage older sister during an argument. To my horror, it knocked her down the stairs.

@LiterateHiker It was weird on it's own, but combined with the fact that she in no other way seemed masochistic....!

@JosephS my nipples aren’t very sensitive so I need extra pressure for stimulation. If someone licks my nipple, I literally cannot feel it.

I’m not saying that was the case with your gf, just giving another perspective

@Marcie1974 Yes, I get that Marcie, like clitoral stimulation some women need a very light touch/lick, others need more pressure to feel it.

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