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LINK Oklahoma House approves bill that would suspend medical license of doctors who perform abortions - JURIST - News - Legal News & Commentary

For those claiming these bills will never survive the American Federal Courts, this Administration has successfully inundated those very Courts with 188 conservative/Republican Judges. If there's ANY thought Roe v Wade will survive this SCOTUS, it would be a naive thought, at best.

These bills keep appearing because the Courts are now heavily weighted in favor of the Uterus Police.

SeaGreenEyez 9 Feb 8

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Forcing women to stay pregnant and attacking their doctors is pure religious TERRORISM tampon terrorists I call them


Scum females like the Iowa Governor betray doctors and women healthcare needs and should be arrested for violating the civil rights of gynecologists and women file lawsuits AGAINST THESE INSANE CRIMINAL theocrats and protest the homes where they live and the fake xian schools of their families


Silly person, any republican will tell you Uterus(esez?)are not people, they are gifts from GAWD place in the care of husbands on behalf of their wives who just carry them about like sweet little baby factories for making more lovely little republicans.
Now get back back to the kitchen where you feel safe and stop bothering your lovely little brain with worries cannot not possibly understand or do anything about (pat on the head kiss kiss)


Sad how Republicans want to keep government out of their business, but not your uterus.

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