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My awful election scenario..

Bernie and Pete stay at this very close near tie with Bernie haveing slightly more votes and them splitting delegates.

In the end Pete eeks out a few close wins where he gets more delegates.

Pete wins the nomination with Bernie having more popular votes.

Bernie's massive tribe of angry inspired supporters are FURIOUS and many stay home.

Trump wins.

To be clear this is not an anti Bernie or Pete post. I like and dislike them both and for different reasons. I will vote for either against Trump. It just seems like a realistic scenario that could happen.

MsAl 8 Feb 12

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Sanders is in Las Vegas at this moment and he SHOULD tell the truth how BILLARY illegally used union proxy vote cards to steal an overwhelming Bernie 2016 victory from him......S Carolina was worse there his staff were mostly loyal to BILLARY and mis-directed volunteers from around the nation to waste time on phones or re-working precincts 2&3 times where BILLARY was strong....I am an eyewitness to such facts.....Bloomberg and Biden and Warren and Amy will all stay in the race long enough to let SuperDelegates decide the race on a 2nd or successive matter who the blue is TrumpOLINI will cheer on his magaBOTS with invectives and tweets is way too early to pretend this 48 states countdown is for SpyMayor and F35sSanders


My fear is Bloomberg getting the Dem nomination and the Dem establishment then telling me I have to support their Republican against Trump. What is the point of choosing between two Repubs when my own politics are socialist? I am tired of being told to hold my nose....I will probably vote Green if they choose Bloomberg.

I was worried about that too but it doesn't seem like anyone is voting for him or Biden much at all anyway despite how "electable" they keep telling everyone they are.

I'll still vote for either if they win the primaries.

People voting Green in Florida gave us Bush. Just vote for whoever gets the Dems nomination. No matter who it is it cannot be worse than trump. This is way to important for the Dems to get pissy because the person nominated was not their choice. This is why we are where we are. I am so tired of the Democrats childish behavior.

WWW.HOWIEHAWKINS.US peace through Green jobs


If your gerbil ran, I would vote for that gerbil.
If your goldfish ran, I would vote for your goldfish.

I would vote for any of the candidates.


I'd say it's unlikely. No candidate has ever won both Iowa and New Hampshire and then lost the nomination.


I think most will eventually figure out Pet is unelectable, and he’ll fade because of it. Possibly VP material, at best.. Bernie will do a repeat of his last run … not having learned a thing. His fanatical supporters will keep his numbers up, but as we get deeper into the nation, both should fade.

It appears to me ‘we’re’ seeking a moderate Democrat, and bouncing around everyone but Bernie and Warren. It remains a shame good moderate candidates stayed away ...assuming Hillary’s loss was due to her ‘moderation,’ and not decades of attacks from Republicans ..and Russians..

The nation’s middle is looking for an alternative to trump, as they’d given him his chance. Let’s hope they find one...

Varn Level 8 Feb 12, 2020

I think Pete is fake AF, but honestly the most electable. He does God-n-guns better than trump so he can keep throwing that right back at him. He's gay so people can act like they're woke by voting for him but he doesn't really look or act gay so he's pretty safe. He speaks intelligently and calmly so I really think he could pull in the anti trump vote. Also he speaks to working class people and middle America which the others don't as much.

@MsAl I’d say the gay thing would eventually do him in.. It’s not the leftist votes, though they sat on their (fuckin) hands for Hillary, it’s the weird, seemingly ‘partyless’ folks that can’t stand politics … yet never miss an opportunity to vote or give their opinions.

An upper-echelon Dem I know said ‘Pete can do OK,’ ‘Until that Gore-like kiss on stage’... I’d not thought that far ahead ..but highly assume this nation’s not ready for that ..I appreciate his calm, reasoned demeanor, but he’s too stiff, too guarded, robotic. I don’t see that answering trump’s aggressive belligerence..

Shit, you or I could do a better job than trump … so (at least in my case) the bar’s not that high 😕

@Varn I work in a nursing home in a conservative area. I have heard his name tossed around by the ones who aren't Trumpers. I even here Republicans trying to say how they like the gays these days. I really think it's his biggest asset.

@MsAl Old enough for a nursing home, yet still engaged mother says ‘he’d have all the old mother’s votes, then they’d want to find him a wife.’ Policy wise, he’s right on. Logistically, not. I wouldn’t trust any ‘republican,’ likely never again..

@Varn I'm for Warren or Bernie. I'm tired of the democrats doing watered down crap to appease the Republicans. I just think he's electable.
Also the Chasten vs Melania memes would be amazing 😆💕

@MsAl It’s the bane of our binary system, the most active and agitated from each party often put forth their most radical candidate. Republicans and their associated money can ram theirs through. Democrats can’t.

Obama was once the choice of our leftists. Problem was, to accomplish anything, he had to negotiate with the uglies. After doing so, he lost his purity in the eyes of our ..puritans.

Personally, I’m doing well, and likely would continue to with even more trump… If we’re brought either Sanders or Warren, we’ll experience an even harsher lesson 😟


Since Bernie won last night I think you're awful scenario is unlikely.

They've been almost even both times. I do hope Bernie wins. I like his policy ideas.

@MsAl Mayor Pete has little support among blacks. He's unlikely to do well in large swaths of the US, including California. Mayor Pete doesn't have a chance.

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