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According to the Foreign Policy article entitled “More White, More Male, More Jesus,” CIA employees expressed concern about the diminished focus on diversity. “For those who have worked inside the agency, the backtracking on diversity represents a threat to the workforce and national security….The agency needs employees from different backgrounds and orientations to effectively recruit agents abroad.”

At the CIA, Pompeo openly emphasized his Christianity. In addresses to CIA employees, as well as in reports, he apparently made repeated religious references. The Military Religious Freedom Foundation, which counts members of the intelligence community among its members, reports a rise in complaints from inside the CIA.

It’s hard to imagine this man leading our country’s foreign policy efforts—especially in areas where diplomacy is crucial. Say, for instance, in the Middle East.

zblaze 7 Mar 31

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Elect a clown, get a circus, period!


It seems this is just another issue of concern to be swept under the continually growing rug of disquiet that is being tamped down in this country. I fear the goal of the government has been achieved. A nation divided against itself cannot stand against its oppressors. This nation, I'm afraid, is in such a position that it no longer recognizes its oppressors.


Totally dangerous!


The Christian right better enjoy their time in power because a snow storm is coming

I hope you're right.

@ThinkKate yah me too

@Rudy1962 My thought, exactly.


I was not aware that there was any problemn with religious freedom in the military, considering that each unit has a chaplain and each post has a chapel. Members officially get time off to go to services every week.

Maybe their complaint is that they're not free to proselytize and discriminate against those who don't have the "right" religion? This seems to be the issue with most claims of Christians being oppressed in America.

EDIT: I was too hasty. I see that the MRFF is actually a sort of military ACLU, who are dedicated to not only freedom OF religion, but freedom FROM religion. I take it all back. []

Paul, there have been numerous issues at the Air Force Academy where the large numbers fundamentalists and evangelical cadets have bullied and harassed cadets of other religions. Its even spilled over into the sports teams. Apparently the religious conservatives try to get Congressional appointments for their own students. And Colorado Springs is home to lots of right-wing religious groups, like Focus on the Family and the Family Research Council.

@Ganaimn Unspeakable in a country built on religious freedom and scary for everyone else.

@Ganaimn I did know this was a problem, thanks. I was (sarcastically, I admit) alluding to "freedom" for the poor persecuted Christians, which is usually what stories like this boil down to. In the nation with perhaps the highest percentage of religious fundamentalists outside of the Middle East, they continue to claim that they aren't free to practice their religion... when they really just want to be free to impose it on the nation.


Why aren't we hearing this on the news? Trumpty Dumpty is controlling the news cycle.

It was on NPR the day of his nomination I believe, as part of a wider story about Trump appealing to the Christian Right. It's the TV news that ignores in-depth journalism and just does 30-second fluff pieces.

@Paul4747 You are correct. It really can't be "Fake News" if there is no news at all

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