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What is your take on this?

So someone told me the other day is the reason why God confused the languages is cause he didn't want us all working with one another so he scattered everyone apart in different parts of the world during The Tower Of Babel. I was told God didn't want us working together cause then we'd all then to each other instead of him. But I find it kind of ironic cause people still have to rely on each other today to see results and for things to get done. Lol, anyway, I just needed to know what's your take on this?

EmeraldJewel 7 Nov 22

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There are only a certain number of language roots, Greek, Roman, Germanic , Slavic and Indo Chinese and all modern languages are derived from the same roots. Seems likely that the languages altered as tribes fractured and travelled which is why if you know French then you can also easily learn Italian and Spanish. Same root


The story of Babel, originated during a fairly short period. Babylon (Babel in the Bible), had built several towers, but there was one that ws left unfinished. It is that one that the story grew up around. However after about two hundred years, they resumed work and finished building the tower. (whoops!) So the story is a complete fabrication.

We now know that languages evolved based mostly on separation, but also on regional events. For instance, English and German evovled out of the same root language, which is why the grammar is very similar. However, the Romans established a colony in England, which introduced a lot of Latin based vocabulary. Interactions between England and other European countries introduced mroe vocabulary based on latin based languages, resulting in a language that is grammatically German, but vocabulary wise is not very Germanic at all.

Linguists have determined that mos tlanguages in India share a roto language with most European languages. The Korean and jpanaes languages share a root language separate from most of hte rest of Asia, which is related to a now mostly defunct trade language in Indonesia.

Languages evolve.

There may noit have been just one "root language". If spaiens capable of speech evolved in different geographical areas, they may have developed totally different languages. At one point in time there were at lest six human species in different geographical regions on Four different continents. Eventually Sapiens interbred with likely all six human species creating modern humans, but who is to say there were nto at lest six different languages.

In today's China there are at least 30 different local dialects. What is interesting is that although they cant' understand what each other says form one dialect to the next, they all use virtually the same system of writing. China actually has written records going back over 6000 years, which predates the Genesis creation of the world.l

Anyway, Teh story of Babel is easily disproved, just because the tower was eventually finished after all.


Most separate cultures worship a god,seems to me languages came first and god second.


My understanding of that story was that it was literally about God not wanting humans to reach Heaven, but as our scientific understanding grew and people no longer believed Heaven was literally in the sky it became more an allegory about human pride.


a fable


Language is the art of inventing sound to express concept. Even in the same language, a brother and sister could hear a different concept for the same word. It evolves across space and time and grows differently here and there.


Rubbish, just like all the other stories the religious dream up. Evolution explains differences in languages, not a god.


Please note that the separation of languages was described in Genesis 10; Nimrod and the Tower of Babel was in Genesis 11. One explanation of Babel is that God sabotaged the tower, because he had reason to fear its completion, by making everyone babble -- speak gibberish. This doesn't get a lot of support because Gen 11 specifically talks about there being only one language, even though there were many in Gen 10. Really, good luck sorting that out.

Many years ago, I submitted a design for a stratospheric wind powered electricity generator; I called it Babel 2 for precisely the reasons you state, that everyone has to talk together if we want to get anything accomplished.

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