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What natural phenomena could be considered all-powerful?

I would like to purpose: kinetic energy. The fact kinetic energy exist for what all it is involved with, could it be considered the thing that is all powerful?

Ruach is a force, it is like breath, wind or a storm.

Word 8 Mar 30

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Answer: the universe. By definition, any strict subset of the universe is less than all-powerful.


All powerful would connote encompassing all power , that being so how could anything else exist at all?

You are applying all-powerful as it must have all control of everything.

I am trying to look at it this way; what are all things derived from or caused by? Kinetic energy?

Kinetic energy is what powers everything, not to say it controls everything.

So to ask, is there a difference to distinguish between all-powerful and all-controlling?


change maybe

very metaphysical😊

@LenHazell53 well, after sleeping on it another way to say that might be "entropy?"


I wouldn’t single any one force of nature out as being all powerful...any natural force can be pretty powerful or destructive, earthquake, tsunami, tornado, maelstrom, hurricane, lightning-strike, ...any of them can and will devastate and kill. Personally I have always had a great respect for the sea which at times can look so benign and pacific, but that can lure many people into taking great risks on it. It can very quickly change into a deadly enemy, and in no time they find they are fighting that deadly enemy for their survival.


All of them, take any one away and the universe falls apart.


All weathers - will grind everything down quickly or very slowly.


What does "all powerful" mean? More powerful than anything else? Kinetic energy cannot make something go faster than the speed of light. It can be overcome by gravity, a collision, terminal velocity... many things. You have to define what it is to be "all" powerful before such a question can be answered.


  1. used to refer to the whole quantity or extent of a particular group or thing
  2. used for emphasis.
  3. the whole of one's energy or interest.


  1. having great power or strength.

Can anything be done with out some form of kinetic energy?

ALL things must be done with kinetic energy?

@Word So by that rationale, wouldn't "energy" by more powerful than kenetic energy because it would also include potential energy?

@JeffMurray how did the potential energy get into position for it to become potential energy state?

@Word How did kenetic energy get into a state where it was kenetic energy? Are we just aimlessly arguing about the beginnings of matter?


Strong and weak nuclear force, electromagnetism and gravity.

These are causation for kinetic energy? forms of kinetic energy?


Gravity ? Fire , as in the sun ? The tides ? Time ? Decay ?


None. All phenomina have a scale, and that scale is finite.


Why should we be interested in anointing some thing with an 'all-powerful' designation?

There are lots of things we don't understand and can't control -- time and entropy come to mind.
They're beyond our sphere of effect so, to paraphrase a Stoic attitude, we should not concern ourselves with them except for enduring (so far as we can) their effects. We should apply ourselves to what we can control.

time is a measurement. power = work divided by change in time. work can oppose entropy. there are things with time, or the number of occurrences we do during a measure of time. in some scope we can control things related to time and entropy.

stopping the rotation of the earth as an occurrence to give us the 360 degree divided by 24 to get an hour of measurement is not something we could stop. however, it is still related to kinetic energy.


Is kinetic energy all-powerful, though? It does seem to be eternal, but can one can really consider a thing which constantly changes form to be "eternal" in the same way that the word is applied to gods and other supernatural critters?

But is it all-powerful? Certainly it can move mountains, if enough of it is applied. There is still plenty of stuff it can't do, though, like raise the dead or convince a politician to resign. For me to consider something all-powerful, I'd have to see it multi-task!

This is still an interesting question! I rather enjoyed thinking it through (or partway through, anyway.) 😉

you say, " raise the dead or convince a politician to resign." What is a defibrillator? an apparatus used to control heart fibrillation by application of an electric current to the chest wall or heart.

The fact of power applied to the heart could in that case bring a person back from the dead, so to say.

As to convience a politician: how do you convience? by force of knowledge. transfer of information. consider researching "physics of information". information and knowledge are synonymous.

If a person is convinced, could it be that they are convinced because of the kinetic energy of sound waves going to their ears because someone spoke convincing information for them to resign?


The sap that rises in the tree!

The green fuse spoken of by Dylan Thomas


The sum total of all natural forces are all-powerful, relative to an individual human, or even all humans collectively. All power is all-powerful.

skado Level 9 Mar 30, 2020

yes, sum total, that is like what the big bang myth is trying to explain. Reverse time, reverse this apparent expansion to a singularity of a point. "The initial singularity is a gravitational singularity predicted by general relativity to have existed before the Big Bang[1] and thought to have contained all the mass and space-time of the Universe." wikipedia

Something moved, the fact of movement, the fact kinetic energy exist. Could we consider kinetic energy as being omnipresent? I ask: Could something be known with out kinetic energy? Slurp a Slurpy really fast and get brain freeze. I had some more thoughts ... what does not have movement? space? not the measurable distance between objects but the fact of space itself. The measurable distance moves or changes between objects, but does the space itself move?


  1. the ability to do something or act in a particular way, especially as a faculty or quality.
    "the power of speech"
  2. the capacity or ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of events.
    "she had me under her power"
  3. supply (a device) with mechanical or electrical energy.
    "the car is powered by a fuel-injected 3.0-liter engine"
  4. move or travel with great speed or force.
    "they powered past the dock toward the mouth of the creek"

kinetic energy

  1. energy which a body possesses by virtue of being in motion.
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