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How old were you when you first realized you were skeptical of divinity?

There are a myriad of belief systems where divinity may correspond to, and/or be represented by a ( mono-, poly-, pan-, or <some>- ) theism.

For context, this question is made with regards to skepticism of divinity, and/or such forms of ()theism that addresses divinity.

For example, "The Pythagoreans found order and permanence in mathematics, giving it religious significance as ultimate being."

Within the context of this question, that statement may imply that the Pythagoreans found divinity in mathematics, as a form "harmonious"-theism, or (particularly in later periods of Pythagorean thought) a pandeism, which derived a form of mono-theism.

(Please select 1-10 if you were raised and adopted this skepticism) []


How old were you when you first realized you were skeptical of some form divinity?

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SergeTafCam 5 Apr 26

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I was fortunate that my father was also an atheist (and former Methodist Minister). He taught me from a young age that religion is simply man’s attempt to answer the unanswerable.

“Dad, why does the sun go across the sky?”
“Well, son, that’s Apollo in his chariot”


It was in late elementary so just a little more or less than 10. But probably more like 11 by the time I was through wondering about it.

Later I got interested in what it was which had made god belief seem likely for so many for so long. Whatever it may be, I'm sure it is something natural.


I was too old, I should have seen through all of the shit at a much younger age, but infant brain washing will do that to you.


One of my few regrets in life I wasn't skeptical about divinity earlier in life. I know my adult life would have been a happier one. I might even be married to a dude right now.


I attended church for the very first time that I remember when I was eight years old. My mom needed to do something with me because I was driving her crazy, so off to VBS I went. I didn't pay attention to what they were teaching, but I enjoyed getting out the the house and away from my mom's yelling. After that, church became a weekly activity. I had fun sometimes, but never believed what they were teaching. It made no sense to me, and I found myself amazed that my parents didn't see how ridiculous it was.


Not a skeptic.


I was 5. I listened to my rabbi describe God and realized that the world as it is was not compatible with what he was describing. My basic issue (although I didn't know the word, obviously) was theodicy.

Nothing I've learned about religion, the deity or philosophy in the ensuing 55 years has changed my mind.


I was never skeptical of divinity as i never had much of a sense of it. There wasn't much reference to it on my life to make me pay enough attention to be skeptical. I just sort of accepted that there was a god,and in the absence of any information about him, as i was raised secularly, i just took him for granted as a nebulous albeit vaguely humanoid entity who had no role to play in the doings of earthlings except possibly as a silent witness, which, as a lonely child, i felt i needed. And then at age 15 through a set of circumstances unrelated to religion or divinity, i realized there was no such entity. That's all.



I must be a born skeptic—I don’t remember a time that I wasn’t skeptical of biblical stories. Yet as you define divinity I am not skeptical—you are talking about nature.

Define divinity as magical or supernatural and I’ll want nothing to do with it. The supernatural is nothing but the aspects of nature that we don’t understand. On a deep level we don’t understand nature at all, but labeling it as “super” is misleading and unnecessary.

What is actually supernatural is the imaginary symbolic everyday world of our senses.

@FrankA Great response!


I was 21 when I got a hint of doubt. I toyed with the doubt for a couple of years, but when I started to take that doubt seriously, my religion unraveled very quickly.


Eleven to twelve.


Although I was probably skeptical beforehand, I think I was twelve when I started really questioning theism and all forms of divinity.

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