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LINK Israel eyes closing down evangelical channel

“Be Christian, fine; go visit the holy places, fine; support Israel. But do not go around trying to convert people, that’s always a red line,” he said.

Exactly! That's where the problems lie.

IAJO163 8 May 14

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I'm not surprised what so ever to see this. Hence why debates between Jews and Christians will continue.


The fear of the religious losing followers to the 'others'! A part of being religious! Glad to be an Agnostic Atheist!


That is where the problem is. Christianity is one of the only world relgions that uses conversion to amplify it's roster(s).

Same ideologies as Judaism and Islam, totally different modes of membership.



Not going to happen.

Evangelicals pump serious sheckles into Israel to the end that they are beaucoup necessary for the End Of Days. The Jews end up destroyed, but hey...its all in prophesy, y'know?


The problem is that Evangelicals have this ignorant feeling that Israelis think, feel, and believe the same way that they do. If you visit Israel and are shown the birth place of Jesus or even his tomb, it means little more than tourism.


It's against free speech.


Good start. Take victories as they come.


Shut every single religion down for once and for all in my opinion, it'd be no loss to the world at large.


Hypocrites big time.


Why, those nice Christian folks are just trying to save souls before the heathens die a fiery death during Armageddon, the ingrates.


Reminds me of the post about Ohio christians not wanting yoga taught in public schools.

Pardon me for not giving a shit about one religion being pissed off at another.
They ALL suck.

That yoga thing still baffles me. I have lived in Ohio. If a geographical area ever needed yoga, it's Ohio.



I don't know, but for some reason, strange as it may be, I do not give a fuck what two different religions want to do to each other.


Close them all down for spreading false information.

Good idea. Um...who exactly does this closing down thing?

@Coffeo A partnership called "Smith & Wesson".

@Petter Problem is they have them too.

@Coffeo Well, in that case, get them to close each other down with some insidious rumours about each other.

I shouldn't confess this ...


I donate 2 hours (about) a day to reporting FoxNews and Christian videos on YouTube for "harmful content."

It's my contribution to society.


@SeaGreenEyez Good for you! Are you getting results?

@Coffeo 🙄 I haven't seen those videos since.


Wait, so they knew the definition of evangelize, didn't they?

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