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Everyone wants..

Wildgreens 8 May 21

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What is a "good woman"? 🤣🤣🤣


That statement is true for some men, but not all. It also goes the other direction.


We each do what we need to do to make our lives better. I know this sounds like I am in fantasy land, but It is my life and I will live it this way. Kate has Erdheim-Chester, a disease which about one thousand people on the planet have. It usually presents internally and the life expectancy is one and one-half years. She has a type that presents externally, she has lesions over her body which take years to heal. She considers herself ugly. She is in pain always. I cannot but love her as I do. To cheat on her would be unthinkable, to d anything that is not for her betterment is not going to happen. I can understand why people move onto other relationships while still in a relationship. I could not do this unless she drove me away, made life unbearable, and just did not want me here. This is not the case. On this site I communicate with far more women than men, I always have, for some reason I have not gotten along with men well. She knows I am doing this, I would not keep it away from her. I am not looking for someone else to move onto after she passes. That would be to be dishonest, to Kate, to any other woman, and to myself. I do not know what anyone want s to do with this.


I just watch & wait to see if any/most criteria I have set is being met....I tend towards "kindly" until you show me otherwise......for example, are you/have you ever been a cheater?


I used to think I was nice man, but recently I was called a good man, and I'm happy with that.


I Love it!!!!!!


You expect the same of a man until he gets sick, loses his career, and then his family!!!

I took care of my ex of 20 years for 10 years when he had no place to go and became terminally ill. Some women care about their ex-the father of their daughter. He lost his career as a rock musician, lost his ability to take care of himself and his self dignity. I was his friend until I was forced to sell my house. Now he won't talk to me!!!!!!!

All those things have happened to me, and I didn't turn into an asshole.

@BitFlipper Thank you for not being one.


Not true. You need to hang out with a better crowd. 😉

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