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Fuck these vile pigs they should be charged with murder fucking scum worthy of the death penalty

Blackatheist1985 7 May 27

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They knew each other and worked at a bar together several times.


I have seen the video way too many times. I can't even fathom how someone could do this. I know I shouldn't assume anything but it looks to me like he continued to keep his knee on the man's neck just so he wouldn't look weak in front of all the people yelling at him to stop.




Was murder

bobwjr Level 10 May 27, 2020

This is murder in plain sight!!!

Do you think you or I would be out walking around free after committing first degree murder in public with so many witnesses!!!


It sure did look deliberate to me. The SOB just knelt there with his hand in his pocket, patiently waiting...for what? Death it seems, and the others did nothing to stop it.

They should be arrested immediately. Enough is enough!


It looks like manslaughter to me.

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