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Good ole days

Lightupmylife 7 June 3

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But, do you remember the iceman delivering, the shit truck picking up the sewage, long drop toilets, newspaper for toilet paper, having to earn a pen licence and icecream in cardboard packs? Not to mention having to chop the wood so mum could cook breakfast

@Lightupmylife I was raised in a tiny country town in South Australia. There were not too many "modern" conveniences 😄

Yes I can. Loved the smell of the fresh pine sawdust we used in the long drop toilet, kept warm twice on cold winter nights by sawing and spliting the wood first, ice cream in cardboard tasted so good, and I can just remember when grandma still had squares of newspaper.

@Fernapple you didn't have to check the seat for redbacks I'll bet. That was one of their favourite hiding places 😄. There were some good things about those days but I appreciate the comfort of today. Toilet paper for a start and more than three flavours of icecream. 🙂

@Cyklone Redbacks? Those must be a US thing.

@Fernapple Nope, I'm Australian. Redbacks are a nasty, very poisonous spider that nests in dark, damp places. They are very common.


Big deal. Our first phone had no dial. It was a party line. There was no FM—no TV at all. No transistors. I used to plow with a horse and pick cotton by hand.

And I’m not all that old.


licked stamps, and shuffled the popcorn, but not at the same time.

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