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LINK Rúbaí (Short Film) - YouTube

What a lovely girl!

Iranildo 5 June 8

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A brilliant mind!


That was beautiful . I really related to it . My last communion class I got up before my dad and went for a 10 mile hike . I caught hell when I got home but didn;t regret it . When the class had first communion I did the same caught hell again only to have to have it by myself in front of the whole congrigation .


Fair play to you, a short film in Gaelic. I only noticed when I saw the carpet saying Failte, which means Welcome in Gaelic.



I was brought up in a non religious military family!

When I was first asked by another family to go to Sunday school, I asked why on Sunday!

They said it was the lord the god and Jesus day to rest, for us to pray for them!

I asked why are they not praying for us, their answer was they are always praying for us!

I asked then how come our fathers fight to kill for us, the country and god!

When god does not stop these wars and killings from happening?

They said god forgives those who believe in him!

I then asked why is god a man, not a woman?

Needless to state, I was not asked to attend their bible and Sunday school BS any more!!!

Great short film!!!

If only they actually could answer such small truthful questions!!!

Yes it is very beautiful I loved it.


Posting a comment to watch later.

I love short films.

you'll love this one


Yes it is a vey gentle movie.

And I love the girls determined spirit.


In my catholic religion class, the priest and one of the students got into a massive heated argument about whether you got into heaven via faith or by works. It is a discussion that will tie one up in knots (assuming you believe in heaven). The priest finally pronounced the student as a heretic and doomed to hell. Years later, my then wife had a friend who one day told us that only people who had had total immersion baptism went to heaven and all others, no matter what, were going to hell. It is rare to even find adults who can look through the fog of belief and b____t like this young girl was doing.


Lovely. It is very refreshing how the Roman Catholic church is losing it's grip on the Irish people

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