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Do all churches, mosques, synagogues, temples, gurdwaras and shrines exist to deceive, to control and divest you of your wealth?

I read on other posts praise of Unitarian Churches. Do agnostic or atheist members simply attend because

1.they want to enjoy the human fellowship & be part of a "herd"?
2. they want to exploit the flock for their own materialistic ($) or controlling ambitions?
3. they wish to be exploited and controlled?
4. they are unable to create new Sunday habits for themselves?
5. another reason?

We can all go and see the Virgin Mary on YouTube! -

FrayedBear 9 June 12

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It's just as wrong to generalize that all churches are corrupt's a kind of prejudice or "pre-judgement" based on generalizations and isolated incidents.

We who are agnostic simply are non-believers because we "don't know" for sure that a "god" or superpower" or any or all of the myths of religion are real...but that doesn't mean they're not.

Lol. It sounds like you are making excuses for more than 2000 years of corruption. Isn't that what Stockholm Syndrome is about? All religions are based upon generalities, assumptions and human selfish desires.
Please demonstrate how any one church/religion fulfils Professor Cippola's definition of an intelligent person? -
"Intelligent people contribute to society and who leverage their contributions into reciprocal benefits"
"Non-stupid people always underestimate the damaging power of stupid individuals. In particular non-stupid people constantly forget that at all times and places and under any circumstances to deal and/or associate with stupid people always turns out to be a costly mistake. A stupid person is the most dangerous type of person." Wikipedia


If they want to be sheep, they will be fleeced. If they can't accept reality, they will live in their delusions.

There will always be someone who will take advantage of that ignorance.

Prime example: Jim Bakker and the PTL Club

  1. another reason?

Hedging your bets, like people who won't talk to Jehovah's witness but always buy the watch tower from them, or the War Cry from the Sally Army.
JUST IN CASE the day of judgement is real, and so they can plead mitigation from damnation by saying

I wasn't REALLY an atheist, I was agnostic, I went to the unitarian church and bought these shitty magazines.


Also, sadly, not-so-big Brothers, bad crocowasps in corporations, support those temples, monstrous warehouses, to pour their poisoned products, full of pesticides and conservatives. This blind, toxic, addicted show of war against naturalist sanity and justice has to stop reasonably. We can refrain ourselves from stealing Terrian Peace, physical and psychical.

"Tu veux bâtir des cités idéales, Détruis d'abord les monstruosités, Gouvernement, casernes, cathédrales Qui sont pour nous autant d'absurdités." Humans-Gods, be lion-hare cubs. Make Peace in the Terra-Family Until the end of finite Terrian Eternity (eternity, from Latin aeternitas, from aevi-ternus=epochal, long-timed, still limited). We need to consider the pantheist, spinozist, fraternal view of the UniPluriverse. Think moral sustainability sub specie aeternitatis (from the perspective of the eternity).
tipi Level 7 June 12, 2020

Do you have the full translation?


I'm not a UU member but I've been to our local one a few times and really enjoyed it. It's very anti dogma/anti fundamentalism, really pretty essentially anti Christianity in many respects. Seems more focused on exploring all kinds of philosophies, recognizing that each takes their own path to greater understanding, whatever that may be, wherever they may find it. The speakers were usually non religious university professors (often what draws me there is the speaker or content being discussed) and it has always felt way more life a philosophy class than a church. I love learning different perspectives, so that's why I've gone before.


I don't know about big cities, but in small rural communities most folks simply go to the same church their parents attended without very much thought about why and how plausible the teachings are. It's a semi-social group where everyone knows everyone else; good music, fellowship, local gossip, last night's ball game, good fishing, golf scores, pot luck suppers and other "important" information is exchanged before and after the services. Logic and reason are pretty much out the door, the preacher tells them kinda what they want to hear, but I don't think small churches are too much into any type control or deception. Perhaps the evangelical type churches are more radical than the mainstream liberal churches. Not "liberal" in the political sense, because I would guess that even most small congregations would lean to the right.

And therein lies the rub like @jlynn37 's very valid question. The probability is the smal town preacher is so indoctrinated that the original concept is lost in favour of curentned to be "nice" to the congregation in order to maximise donations/bribes.
Always bear inmind Professor Cippola's 5 Basic Laws of Human Stupidity [] - particularly the one about there being more of them than you think!

@FrayedBear Abuse-of-Gain/Loss stupidity starts from different bad, heinous thoughts and infiltrates society. Only degrees vary. Only one cure way : to stop it with abstention and countergood. Terra is a garden we have to protect sincerely, prudently and correctively.


I doubt that it started that way but it quickly became that way right up to today.

Original purposes are rarely if ever known but you raise an excellent point. Thank you.


Good question Bear, I don't know.
I'll be interested to read responses from our UU members.

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