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Where is your favorite travel destination?

Me, I like Mexico because of its beauty, culture, food and people. I am also a history and pre-history buff, so it has a special attraction for me. It has extraordinary diversitiy of topographies and climates. It can be as urbane as Mexico City or as exotic as the jungles of Chiapas and indigenous highlands of Michoacan.

Because it is close and because I know how to stretch a peso, I can visit more often and for longer periods of time than other destinations. I was in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon this month by car. Next to Jalisco in May, with a round trip ticket from Phoenix for $191.

TravelinTom 5 Apr 5

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Tenerife is really cool place. And Cuban people and snorkeling are the best in Carribian?


Rome or barcelona


After three decades on the road l don't get into it as much. It is more about who l travel with.


The next one....


I've always enjoyed Geece. One of my favorite spots is Korfu. It's riddled with history and the people are kind and giving.


I have recently returned from Palawan,a Island in the Philippines archipelago.The most beautiful place I have ever been


Bangkok Thailand, at Sukhumvitt street at 2 AM. The craziest place in the world (I mean it in the best possible way). That place is really awesome. Is it the weather? Is it the booze? Is it the drunk crazy girls ( half of them may not be what they seem). Non the less, if you want to mingle and have fun with no prejudice among people from all corners of the world then now you know what's your next destination..... If I ever find a job over there, I would jump on it with no hesitation and would retire there while drinking to my death. What a way to go that would be !!!!!

yep kosan rd. isn't too shabby either and the king's palace is extraordinary

I have been to BKK quite a few times, however I don't know those places you mention. I am sure we both will agree, its a big place !! Too much to explore and discover. I need to come back again !!


So far, the Bahamas.

I loved eleuthra


The Liquor Store or the Dispensary.


"Past the hills there is a valley leading to the forest hiding the cave were joy resides for the adventurous that finds in the female form his favorite home." HLM.


Only part of Mexico I've visited was Cancun, Cozumel and Tulum over 25 years ago. I prefer a quiet beach on a tropical island - not a large crowd - somewhere in Carribean like St. Kitts which used to be mellow when I was there.

yucutan is still lovely chichen itza is amazing as is the snorkelling off tulum


Maui, Coeur d'Alene ID and Cambodia.

where's couer d'alene

@markdevenish Idaho. Beautiful mountain town with a beautiful lake. About 30 minutes from Spokane WA.


Nova Scotia, surrounded by the sea.

Nova Scotia is on my bucket list. My husband and i are planning a trip there for our 25th anniversary in two years.


Good question. I have an odd answer considering I'm an atheist. I really enjoyed Israel. The architecture in old Jerusalem was quite interesting. I also love wandering through old churches. (Yes, I know?) The view from the top of Masada is breathtaking and floating in the Dead Sea is a cool experience. Lots of interesting museums and Yad Vashem is definitely worth a visit.
I guess it depends what you like to do on vacation. I like to explore locations of historical importance and learn things. It's my thing. Too many countries to see and so little time.


I used to travel and move all the time. Now I'm not so into it.


Anyplace warmer than Boston in the winter..except Florida..

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