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What are these people thinking? The Bible also say that you are supposed to stone your children if they don't behave.


Fags (that's cigarettes by the way) Chocolate, Bourbon/Whiskey and bacon sarnies must also be the devil's work using that logic. As if I give a shit lol


I'm sure the authur wrote the piece on a computer that was never mentioned in the Bible.


Seriously, how do you even have an intelligent discussion with someone that thinks this way? In the past, if I saw something like this on FB, I would debate the author. It quickly became apparent that I was wasting my time and only messing with my peace of mind. I now simply block the author and move on.


So is everything we have accomplished to date then because none of it is mentioned in the bible. Just shows how stupid they can be.


Yea, some vaccines prevent God from punishing the sinful. Some might help them. Always be cautious about who earns money with it and if it is still patented. Greed puts vaccines on the market that are at least questionable because whatever someone thinks of them.

Gert Level 7 Apr 6, 2018

GENIUS!!! I'm converting...Jeeeeeesus didn't mention a speed limit, officer...byeeee!...THE LORD SUPPORTS MY CHILI DOG AND NAKED PUBLIC RIVERDANCE HABIT THROUGH OMISSION!!

Well idk about the Lord but I support your glorious weirdness 100%

the image of naked Riverdance seard in my mind forever

@btroje the chili dog really adds to the whole au naturale riverdance experience...a full cornucopia of sensations, if you will...

@JohnnyThorazine is it you alone or with an entire troupe?

@btroje I like to consider myself a lone chili dog eating naked riverdancing wolf....only figuratively, you understand...hehe


Oh please


What about the link to idolatry? the golden calf... the origin of vaccines and the word itself? Yes, the modern-day science version! 😛😛😛


That woman is dangerously delusional, she should immediately be banned from ever treating a client again.

"I can actually look at a child and I can tell right away by their eyes and by the symmetry of their face if they have received vaccines or if they are severely vaccine-injured,says Kara, as though the two are identical, plausible, or anything but totally insane.

I bet I could walk up to a random kid and by simply guessing confirm they were vaccinated.
How? Well, the vast majority of children are vaccinated so I wouldn't necessarily even need to be lucky.



The stupid,it burns.


Didn't I see this one early today???..... I have said in other postings, Alzheimer and I are now BFF's !!!!


There're so many crazy and and ignorant people in this world I wonder how things work as well as they do. They are young people that still believe the Earth is flat

dc65 Level 7 Apr 5, 2018

Isn't it? My garden is as flat as the floor of my living room is level.

@Gert it is cold here today

@btroje The good news is that temps are rising again.

@Gert so there is global warming

@btroje Well, at least local warming. The evenings on the deck are coming.

@Gert So is this the end of global warming?

@dc65 🙂 We wish! This is the end of local freezing.



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