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5% of the world's population, 25% of the world's COVID deaths.

America. So great. 😒


SeaGreenEyez 8 June 29

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The percent of world population is even a little bit lower. About 4.2%.

I tried to document things a couple of month ago. Sometimes it is not a matter of thinking you are going to stop injustice, but at least you can make it a bit more clear, as it's happening.


As a side note, the numbers on population and (reported) deaths and (reported) cases are a little similar to the numbers relating to US petroleum use.

Anyway, these numbers are hideous. One of my working hypotheses has become that the President is actually liking this because he gets to take decisions that result in the deaths of millions, but he thinks he can hide behind playing the hero and making the tough decisions. Likewise, people who support his policies can hide behind supporting unpopular decisions that ultimately, in their claim, are the right thing that will be best for human life on Earth. Both the President and his supporters claim, falsely in my view, that they are the ones who stand for keeping an eye on business and economic issues. I don't buy any of these arguments from the President or his supporters, but those seem to me to be ones they are making.

kmaz Level 7 June 29, 2020

There is a theory being floated, one that I mentioned here without knowing it was actually a thing, and that is that Trump doesn't want to win.

He knows he's well above his pay grade. He hates the job. He hates the majority of American, etc. Mainly, he hates to work.

That said, he openly admitted to Hannity that Biden will be President because, "... some people don't love me... '

So whether this is true or not, he doesn't want to run country in turmoil because he is clueless and incapable and he knows it.

Typical sociopath.

Yeah, I think if you're as destructive as Trump is, with as much history of leaving bankruptcies in your wake, then you have to be aware of when the exit plan is advisable, and since he's been doing this unusual-for-him gig of working a hired job for other people for nearly four years, and since instead of protecting and defending the constitution (i.e.: his assigned task) he uses it essentially for toilet paper every day, then I think he has to consider whether he really wants to sign on for four more years of that job.

My amateur psychology effort: I think he does not have that much hope for his own soul and so he distracts himself and changes the discussion to pretending to himself that he is the person trying to make the hard decisions despite the near-term reputational problems and that he is willing to be honest when it really counts in some way. We saw him blather about "the hardest decision he has ever made" or some such, when he was trying to see himself as the one to decide when the entire country would open back up. He lies to himself and others that he is trying to do what is right for the economy, though his understanding of epidemiology and related is so clearly deficient that maybe he is actually telling the truth - maybe he actually thinks he is trying to protect the economy (and all the saving of lives that go with that effort).

There is the possibility that in the long-run it will turn out that there is value to doing what Sweden is doing (letting the disease run rampant) but in the meantime, that is not settled among experts and Trump did not appear to consult anyone when he, in effect, acted (or omitted action) to help get the US in that direction.


The truly tragic aspect of this is that we had the knowledge, resources, manpower, infrastructure and money to contain this thing way back in January; yet, it seems nearly every single choice our federal leaders have made since then has resulted in compounded barriers to success.


Courtesy of trump

bobwjr Level 9 June 29, 2020

Not sure how much more greatness we can take.

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