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I no longer believe any of the Chinese plague statistics that are being reported in the traditional news sources. These sources have become so hyper politicized that they have sacrificed their credibility.

When an otherwise legitimate problem becomes used as a weapon in a political conflict the first casualty is truth. That my friends, is what we are now witnessing. Please be wary. Skepticism is your friend and protector.

dumasarok 6 July 5

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By using a pejorative term to describe what is a global pandemic ...regardless of where it may have originated, actually dilutes and distracts from your message. Yes..we need to be sceptical of the statistics bandied about by governments, they all claim that they are following the science, when we know that they consult the scientists and then make their decisions based on a balancing act between keeping the economy from going under and keeping the death toll under control.

Thank you for your thoughtful comment.

The label I used was not intended to be pejorative but some readers took it that way. Elsewhere in the thread I explained how I derived it.
I find it interesting that something trivial like a choice of label evokes such emotional response.

If I shoot the messenger I can ignore the message seems to be the theme of the respondents here. To me that approach is evasive and intellectually irresponsible.

I will yield to the group and label the disease corona or covid 19 or whatever is preferred. The message itself remains unchanged.


You're talking in generalities. Say what you really think.


Who really cares when our problems with it are So out of control!?!?


From an anerican that's a little like the pot calling the kettle black. You're not the least bit suspicious of how your own figures are being massaged, especially with a president who is against testing.

From my perspective that's a strange response. Just what is it that you presume I am "not the least bit suspicious of"? And what are "my own figures"? I gave no figures. When I author a post my statements are my own thoughts and analysis. This is not something parroted from another source. You presume too much sir.

@dumasarok you've not heard the saying, "people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones"?

@Cyklone Sure I've heard that old trope but I fail to see how it applies here. Please enlighten me.

@dumasarok forget it. From all your other comments I doubt that's possible.


Mmm the rest of the world is calling it Covid 19, a new strain of the already existing Corona Virus. The Chinese plague is so emotive, you have to remember that most of the Chinese are simply comrades in a Country much bigger than themselves, just like the rest of us.


Consider "TrumpVirus", not racist like "Chinese plague". On the upside, I think your final sentence is valid.

No matter what I call this virus someone out there will be (or pretend to be) offended. At least my choice of term has both historical and linguistic provenance. Some of us do not fall prey to groupthink.

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