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What's one everyday thing that makes you cringe?

The one that gets me, thanks to working in a fairly old building that has fewer lavatories than modern regulations stipulate, is when I sit down and discover the seat is body temperature - an unpleasant reminder that some unknown cheeks were occupying the same position only a few minutes before my own. 🀧

Jnei 8 Apr 6

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Mouth noises
Animals chained up
People fighting
Adults yelling at children

Agreed on all five points.


Herr Drumpf..

My first thought too.

Ah yes... Hair Furor.


In addition to some of the things already listed below:
"It is what it is".....sooo tired of that saying, every single day!

And: people using "whenever" when they should be using "when". Has anyone else noticed this?

Incorrect grammar in's epidemic where I live. It's like they all played hooky from 8th grade.

I NEVER heard whenever in place of when until I moved to Louisiana. Drives me bonkers!


Sports. People watching sports, yelling at the television when something they believe is exciting happens, then yelling louder at the replay, because obviously the players didn't listen the first time.

@SACatWalker I had a neighbour a few years back, really nice guy, great young family. When a football grand final is on, he places a big screen TV in his kitchen window, then goes out into the yard where he and his mates have chairs lined up and they yell through the whole game, especially in the instant replays. I have sonce moved, and 3 years later he also moved and is now about 10 houses away. not a problem, he really is a nice guy. But I now have a neighbour across the road who sits in his driveway of an afternoon, drinks red wine and does the same thing.


When my ex-wife calls me because she can't get a boyfriend. I tell I'm in the past tense.

She helped you out. You should send her chocolates or something!

@Akfishlady Fortunately not, because at that time I'd have said yes.

Oh no!


Willful stupidity. I see it in every class that I have.



I know loving sports is silly, but it's harmless tribalism in a world full of harmful tribalism.

@Akfishlady That "harmless tribalism" also effects attitudes towards real concerns, regarding school funding for instance, often contrary to any rational thinking.

@Akfishlady True, I was thinking mainly of Basketball which isn't that bad. I truly do think that sports take the edge off of some of our dangerous natural tendencies. It distracts us and gives us an outlet for our frustrations.

As divided as we are right now, imagine if there were more angry people around full of anger and fear with no way to release it.

@Coalperson Wouldn't violent video games take up the slack? πŸ™‚

@ailurophile I think sports appeal to our tribalism/mob instincts. Video games appeal more to our desire to compete/ achieve.


That for as friendly as people generally are in Indiana, they magically turn into assholes when they get in their cars. No one here but me will let you merge, and the wave of thanks is a rarity.

I hope @Cherish isn't going to drive like that when we embark on our RV Tour Of America - as a cyclist, it'd be most embarrassing!

It could just be in Indianapolis. (I'm a cyclist, too. If you'd like to spend a day in Indy, let me know!)

@Nottheonlyone Definitely!

@Jnei You're doing an RV tour of the US, and didn't tell me?! This gives ailurophile sad. I'll just sit here, alone, in my semi-spacious rental home and cry.


People asking β€˜Where are you AT?’

I cringe all the time on this... don't hear it often ... but

"Where's that at?" ... argggghhh


Our President! If grammer and toilet seats are the things making you folks cringe, you are living pretty charmed lives.



Now, now, hate the sin not the sinner! πŸ˜›


And now I'll tell you about the 20 convenient warranty option plans we have for your purchase, sir!
Please have a seat!


That's why I got good at hovering !

My cringe-worthy event ? Other people's driving.


Someone blowing cigarette smoke near me and they are coughing and hacking away.


Smokers- Holding my breath, I rush away quickly. Three in 10 cancer deaths were due to cigarette smoking in the United States from 2009-2013.

Littering - Infuriates me. I always pick up litter, especially when hiking.

Men who loudly say "f-ck!" repeatedly in public. This is crass and offensive.

I pick up rubbish every day on the creek walk but also swear often at work [ carpenter] . oh well


Getting daily group texts from my manager letting them know what to do the next day and he types likes a 14 year old So-Cal girl.


My fingers sometimes get rough, the dry spots catch on things like shoelaces or socks drives me to a dark place.

YES!!!That makes me itch too!?


Ketchup. Can't be anywhere near it or think about it...... cringe.


Whatever the Dumpster did since yesterday. Honestly, most news that is "above the fold" ssince June 2016 is cringe worthy.


I hate that too. I thought I was the only one with that issue? I've never mentioned it to people, because most of the time I get called crazy. I have a horrible habit of not looking before sitting down on the toilet in public restrooms. At my work we don't have the liners, and most of the women customers squat and piss all over the seat without cleaning it up. Then I'm told to hurry and use the bathroom when I ask to go quickly, and I never look to see if there is piss all over the seat. I move really fast and I find out someone pissed on the seat when I stand up. One day a woman pissed all over the seat and all over the floor! I had to bleach it all and mop it up before we opened the store. I guess the night crew didn't clean the women's bathroom at all. My boss found it in the morning.

I have a very bad habit of forgetting to check there's paper until after I'm done - and then having to rummage through my bag for old till receipts, chocolate wrappers, small-denomination bank notes or anything else that might suffice πŸ™‚

@Jnei I check the toilet paper before I sit down now.

@Sarahroo29 I've spent 30 years trying to train myself to remember to check, but I still never do!

@Jnei Sometimes I forget to check.


I cringe when people imply they are proud of their bad grammar!


My business partner makes me cringe. Thank goodness the partnership is coming to an end on April 15th.


I have a real gentleman Chinese boarder, but why does he continually " HOIK ? " it is worse than a dog continually barking. It sounds like he is trying to bring up his stomach contents, Yuk !

What is this "HOIK" of which you speak?

I wondered about that Emme, is it a common term, ? it is a loud horrible sound of ridding your throat of rubbish from the nose and throat, horrable !

You stole mine. I didn't know there was a word for it but that sound of sniffing snot back into your throat makes me ill.


The car in front of you is going 40 mph on the entrance ramp of the interstate highway.


People who place their dogs' wet buttholes inside grocery carts.

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