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How serious a change have you undergone since the 2016 election cycle?

I find that I have changed quite a bit since 2016. I was a Bernie volunteer so felt the rigged election extra hard. I helped get Jill Stein on the ballot in NH and then she only got 2% in a year that seemed ripe for third and fourth party candidates. The libertarians did much better here in New Hampshire.

Now we seem to exist in a level of propaganda in the media that I have never experienced before. I refuse to be assimilated by it. Here in this agnostic community it is worth pointing out that the nonreligious candidates ( Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein) did not get fair treatment in the media. To what degree the system is rigged against us is a point worth taking up here. The CIA acronym has accurately been called Christians In Action by insiders. Will they allow a nonreligious democratic socialist to take power? Does this explain the propaganda?

TimBandTch 3 Apr 7

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I don't see a non-Christian holding a major political office in my lifetime. I am in large agreement with how you view the treatment of Sanders and Stein, and I am at this point having to put my hopes into young people, because for the most part, my generation is too fucked up to be of any positive contribution. The level of lying and misinformation being disseminated, primarily by the extreme right, is unprecedented and somewhat overwhelming, and I only hope that younger people can see through the obfuscation, deceit, and pure bullshit sufficently to begin electing and supporting candidates that truly represent humanitarian principles. For the sake of all you youngsters, I sure hope that's the case.


I got quite political in 2000, had two 'anti Bush' web sites, citing facts from Prescott Bush, Dubya's grandfather, supporting Nazi Germany. This is public knowledge in the library of Congress, Washington D.C.. What I learned from that experience is I don't give a shit any more because it is all a controlled scam, meant to keep a perpetuated cycle going where nothing gets done.


I don't watch the news anymore. I think I'm a happier person for it.

Dude, for real, I stopped over 20 years ago watching news and TV in general....fear fear and more fear is what they feed....F*CK that!

I've trended more this direction lately than I ever thought I would.


I like Bernie, a lot. That being said his secularism is not what will sink him with most voters, even if they like many of his ideas. It's his unabashed use of the term 'Socialist'. That may be even more toxic politically in some ways than even 'atheist'.
Tho I do vote now, & it took me many years to bother, I still don't think it does much good, except maybe on a local level, & even then I have my doubts. Tho not the only thing that needs changing, in my view the biggest is getting the money influence out of politics. How we do that, I'll be damned if I know.
It's been said that we 'elect' what we deserve. If that's true what an indictment of our country today!

The recent election in Western Pennsylvania, in a highly Republican district, was won by the Democrat by less than 700 votes. Your vote does count!

@Barnie2years That's what I want to hope, & is why I do vote now.


The economy is not directly affected by the incumbent. The policies of up 10 years in the past are what is currently going on. The media would like you to blame current trends for negative repercussions.


All news is not propaganda. If you really believe that you had better give up. The only thing standing between us and tyranny is a free press. Fox is the only news outlet that is mostly propaganda, and most Americans realize this. To think a third party can win a Presidential election is wishful thinking. It has nothing to do with elections being rigged. Most people feel like they would be helping put someone in office they know they don't want if they vote third party. Most people are sheep. They vote with the group they identify with the most, or against the group they dislike the most.

@SACatWalker He lost by 3 million votes. He won becuase Americans are one of the most intellectually lazy countries on the planet. They vote with their emotions not their brains. They vote based on sound bites and slogans. That is lazy and stupid. You can fix lazy. You can't fix stupid.


At tle local level there are communities that would elect an open atheist. That gets very difficult at the statewide or national level. Bernie had a chance but was blocked by the DNC. There's just too much headwind from the Christian community...


I have voted Libertarian Party in the last 3 Presidential elections and will continue to do so. A girl can dream.

Yes. I’m sure it’s my fault and not the millions of lazy asses who couldn’t be bothered to vote.

@SkotlandSkye Well said, I agree.

@JustLynnie Russian hacking, idiotic voter base, DNC screws Bernie, and you blame a person using their brain and voting their conscience.
YOU might be the problem here.

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