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Why It Matters That Seth Rogen Spoke Out Against Israel


Seth Rogen grabbed headlines this week for saying he thinks the state of Israel “makes no sense.” He’s right — and his strident words signal a broader shift among young American Jews against Israel’s oppression of the Palestinians.


WilliamCharles 8 July 30

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"there were people there"

. . . kinda like when Europeans conquered North/South America(s). 😮😛

. . . not bragging, just sayin'

Yeah. We invaded and committed genocide too.

"Never again!" is supposed to mean for anyone.


It sickens me that my government supports Israel as they viciously oppress the palestinians and keep them in open air prisons in their own land.

It is shameful

I've often commented that if Chosanistan had to do all that murder and oppression on their own dime, they might just cut back a bit.

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