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Do (should) we have a "right to be forgotten" ? why/not ?

Google victory in German top court over right to be forgotten

A German court has sided with Google and rejected requests to wipe entries from search results. The cases hinged on whether the right to be forgotten outweighed the public's right to know.


FearlessFly 9 Aug 1

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I'm not an attorney long as the information is available anywhere on media...why deny it to Google?

. . . one argument is, it historically was not easy to obtain some of the info.

It was NOT digitized -- available now at our 'fingertips'. The idea is that the info is still there, just not so widely (and instantaneously) available (so not actually forgotten).

@FearlessFly If google can find it....doesn't that mean it's within the public realm?

@LucyLoohoo Google is a private advertising company, not equivalent to the 'public' realm.

. . .but the 'public realm' IS what I was referring to by "not easy to obtain some of the info". Meaning it historically meant needing to go to the courthouse, library, newspaper clippings, etc.

@FearlessFly I think we're making the same point. If google chooses to make information available, rather than digging through archives, etc, so they can display it with advertising, can they restrict that information based on ''privacy?"

@LucyLoohoo []

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