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I think we are missing the point. We all and especially those in the upper echelons need to pay more taxes. A simply fact that one never hears of, except among the radical progressives, is that growth costs! A contractor wants to develop an area and the local area supports this as it means more taxes BUT who pays for the infrastructure, the roads, water, sewerage, mail delivery and on and on - the taxpayer. The contractor laughs all the way to the bank and we get screwed. Most civilized 'responsible' countries have a sliding scale and those that can pay the most. Yet, come election time, people tend to vote for the person who offers the biggest tax break. The country is on the verge of bankruptcy and still we want lower taxes. It is governing by the insane.


fucker carlson is just another pimp for the propaganda porn fox media spews everyday 24/7 365. So nice to see someone calling carlson out!!

He is a millionaire mouthpiece funded by billionaires.


Thank you so much for this. Tucker Carlson is a ballbag. This was awesome to listen to him meltdown. Rutger Bregman is my new hero. This needs to go viral.


My Secular Book Club is reading Rutger Bregman's book Humankind. It is excellent. This link was shared with us today, and it was great to see the author in person and to hear him shut Tucker Carlson down is just priceless.


I love this video

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