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LINK XTC - Dear God (1986) - YouTube

I’ve always loved this song. When I first heard it in my youth, it meant a lot to me as I felt the same. Seeing a child as Andy Partridge singing parts of the song, and then his grown self as well, was so relateable. I knew how I felt as a child too, and that it wasn’t some phase of rebellion that I would grow out out of, as I was told it was.

Katt75 4 Apr 7

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I like the Sarah MacLachlan version; it’s on all my playlists. Great song!


It was actually left off the original LP and was the b side to Grass. It got a lot of radio play in the US and resulted in a lot of death threats from the Christofacists. Andy Partridge said Sarah Mclachlan has done the best cover of it. I have that and it is verrry nice.

I did not know that - thank you! I must follow up on the Sarah McLachlan cover.


Won't hear this one on the radio nowadays.

I have this recorded on an old unlabeled cassette I made. Every once in a while I come across it and play it. Never saw the video tho. Thanks for sharing

twill Level 7 Apr 9, 2018

I grew up in a small town Texas and my own family was not happy I had doubts (face slap anyone). With this video I realized other people felt the same.


Best band to come out of the UK since the Beatles

Ange Level 5 Apr 7, 2018

Certainly a very interesting band. There's a nice documentary on Netflix of somewhere that I've watched twice.


Yup. Good one XTC rocks.


Yeah, this is a cracker of a song. You can feel how passionate Andy is about it.

I love Nonsuch as an XTC album - one of my favourites is Then She Appeared. So beautiful:


Not well versed in XTC but that song and this one really stand out:


Great song.


The last time I heard that song was 20+ years ago


Love this song

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