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Is Hebrew a race?

I have read where some Arabs say that the world cannot have a country (Israel) that is all one race. Some Jews are white and some are black, and some are brown. Also, a person can convert to the Jewish faith, I think.
I understand that there is only one race living today. The human race. I guess I am asking why are some Jews black?

Grecio 7 Aug 16

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Can you get a blood transfusion or organ implant from Any human being? Then there is no "race", just superficial coloring.


NO it is not
neither is Islam
Neither is black
Neither is Hispanic
Neither is Asian
Race originally simply meant nationality, until the advent of modern slavery, then it came to mean "other" or "lesser" by idiot supremacists.
What people usually mean when they talk about "race" is ethnicity, but most of those fucking morons cannot use four syllable words, or any word greater than a monosyllabic grudge.


Converting to the Jewish faith is tough and quite involved. Why are some Jews black? Have you read about the Diaspora? Several times in their history Jews were taken or had to leave their homelands. They ended up all over the world. There is a population in Louisiana that came over from France via Canada that apparently has Jewish blood. They have had children born with Tay Sachs disease. The theory being the some Jews settled in France during or because of a diaspora and brought along the faulty genetic materials. When they got kicked out of France and went to Canada and then Louisiana (Cajuns) they brought it along. They Jews ended up all over the world, and some didn't care to keep identifying as Jewish, so intermixed with the locals.


Hebrew is a language . . . 😛

Gentiles can convert to Judaism . . .

I have heard Jews say anyone born to a Jewish mother is Jewish. 😮


Hebrew is a language. Jewish is a religion. It's also an ethnic group. It's not a race.

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