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Well wasn't that a feast of lies & self delusional propoganda . The farce called the DNC echo chamber conference. Plus most disturbing , the Obombas duo of misleading statements . Still with a straight face Barack Hussein can forget his magic wand statements . Blame Trump for the Chinese virus . Then still think Biden can win . Hilarious folks . If BLM weren't killing people. It would really be a joke..

Seriousreason 7 Aug 20

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Yah, we need four more years of being the laughing stock and pity pot of the world … dontcha think..? Maybe a couple more supreme court justice picks upholding religious tests on every aspect of US life, perhaps the world.. Forced funding of discriminating religious schools by the public.. How far down the list of priorities does your supposed atheism or agnosticism fall when supporting this fascist regime?

Varn Level 8 Aug 21, 2020

Do you honestly believe there are Fascists in your midst. The phenomenon leftist use of " everything is racist, everything is Facist , sexist. ". Blah blah blah. . Is no longer carrying any credibility. The meanings of those words are null & void.

@Seriousreason Focusing on word definitions? And yes, I know what I’m surrounded by.. But what I didn’t see, and likely won’t, is your concern for Atheists Rights. Right? ya don’t really give a damn? You’re only here to promote the current regime, and smoking..?

FOX appears negligent with regard to Atheist or Agnostics Rights. Give your opinion, if you can..


Ha ha . You people are completely off your rocker. I hope Biden wins . & The next four years of Americans lifestyle. Becomes more Marxist. All the billionaires leave . Like they are doing already. You plunge in economic depression. No law & order . No more pursuit of happiness because you no longer have a reason to achieve greatness.... . Socialism kills...

You couldn't define "Marxism" or "socialism" if your life depended on it, most of your sentences aren't even complete.

A real live pompous , self-righteous, grammar Nazi.. only on this website does the stench of leftist entitlement seep through the pixels & glass & become a to common reality.
🥴. 🤡🌏

You forgot to mention the DEEEEP STATE and SOROS and NWO and the lizard people.... be best @Seriousreason


You smell like a slug.

Pass ?

@Seriousreason Yes, a definite pass from me.


someone has been drinking to much Lysol

Leetx Level 6 Aug 20, 2020

What's that .? . I've heard of coolaid. But isn't that a liberal beverage.

@Fred_Snerd There are idiots in all walks of life . All ideological persuasions.
I hear during a Trump speech , claimed NZ was riddled with Covid. " It's over for NZ..He remarked. " Fake News". with 26 cases in one City. It's hardly a problem. My city's not even locked down. 🥴. maybe he's been gargling that beverage of choice to much. .. Hilarious. He probably couldn't point to NZ on a map.


I'll agree that the democrat convention is a farce but we are coming at it fro totally opposite directions.


Hahaha you too funny.. Lots of opinion and insults and name games

You often put facts in the opinions category. Nothing I said isn't fact..

@Seriousreason Then let's see your evidence.

@Seriousreason but you haven't said anything...

Beauty is definately blind.

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