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LINK Reds announcer Thom Brennaman pulled from Fox NFL broadcasts

Be a "trouble maker for good" as Representative John Louis urged us to aspire, I am just that. Yelling "you FAG" across the workroom floor was accepted behavior in the USPS office I worked in . 36 men & 3 women. All the good ones shall I quote? But when 'penis" was uttered the supervisor finally put a reset button to work. "All right. All right. That's enough!" Then it would creep up again. Interesting how "fuck" is more acceptable now than "nigger". The reverse of the people I grew up around. Such is why I never fit in with those who are now the tough guys, bible bangers, Commie hunters, Honeybooboos supporting President Bone Spurs. Says something about character. As a trouble for good one has to be able to take the heat. Well I am burned out & pass the torch to AOC! But the country has moved forward. Do we really want to regress?

Mooolah 8 Aug 21

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