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Anyone else listen to the podcast "God Awful Movies"? It may be one of my favorite things on the internet right now.

FunkHead 4 Aug 29

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You might also like "The Cinema Snob" he often satirically reviews Prureflix Christian movies and the like from Chrisitian cinema outlet and a couple of years back made his own parody of them "Jesus Bro' which is hilarious.

I've been watching the Cinema Snob since he used to be on Channel Awesome lol That dude's fantastic.


What is the podcast about?

Three very funny atheists/skeptics watch and review christian/religious cinema (movies and tv shows), but they also do conspiracy films as well, like Loose Change or Plandemic. They also have another version where they review just regular secular cinema, but that's for like Patreon donors. It's a very funny show, I'd recommend starting at their Loose Change episode as a good example of the style and humor.


I have a short to recommend (for its being an example of godbothering cinema).

Will find a link as so many other hits come up searching for it. It was called "The Hostage"on the Omeleto channel iirc.

My mistake. The title is "Captive." This is the type of irrationalist thinking Matt Dillahunty eviscerates.


I have recently gotten into the low budget show "Black Scorpion" which is a Roger Corman spin off on the 1966 Batman TV show. No pows, biff, and bam here but Michelle Lentil sure has fun in the lead role. In one episode a black man claims he cannot believe it. Black Scorpion is actually a white girl. She is a cop by day and Black Scorpion at night. Costume, special friends and villians plus a special car.

There is an earlier film version of the same story starring Joan Severance as the eponymous hero

@LenHazell53 Yes, and i watched that earlier version on You Tube. That film explains a lot about the series that came later on and it involves solving Darcy's father's murder.


Don't watch Unplanned-super religious and un-believable.

But you SHOULD listen to their review of the film, because they rip the film a new one and it's very entertaining how they go about it.


If anyone is compiling a list then I'd add at least 90% of the movies with Tom (Short-arse) Cruise in them, most Leonardo De-Crappio movies, 99% of any movies with Nicole Kidman in them just for starters.


I don't listen to podcasts.

Oh? Why not?


Love it. Always good for a laugh

I dig their other shows too, especially the Scathing Atheist.


I have not listened to the podcast. What's the format? Do they critique one God Awful Movie per episode?

More or less, yea. But its not just xtian cinema, they also review/debunk conspiracy videos like Plandemic, Vaxxed, Loose Change, etc etc. They're very smart and witty imo


Nicolas Cage in "Left Behind." When characters are "raptured" up to heaven, all that's left is a pile of clothes they were wearing. That's how the audience knows they were raptured! How convenient biblical prophecy works out as a movie device! (Wait, is this a sequel to "Airplane"?)

You made me laugh out loud. I remember watching the original movie when I was a believer. 🤦♀️
At the time, Kirk Cameron played a lead role.

Oh, wait, are you saying they appeared in "heaven" butt naked?


The War Room comes to mind. I sat through it just to see how much more awful it would get.

You really should listen to this podcast, it's fantastic; I feel so vindicated after watching so many terrible xtian content growing up


Please addd the Warrior Nun, d


Because Christian movies deserve it.

lol and then some

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