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LINK This 19th-century argument over federal support for Christianity still resonates

“If our Christianity is of such a flimsy texture that nothing but a constitutional amendment will save it, the sooner it is obliterated the better for the land.”

Powerful words, eh? An argument for religion being in church and not the government.

IAJO163 8 Sep 7

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"The greatest disaster ever to befall the West was Christianity..."
Gore Vidal


Protect/protecting 'Religious Liberty/s' who are they kidding.
2 of the 3 major Abrahamic based religions have taking liberties ever since their inceptions, People NEED protection from Religions and not the opposite imo.


It is akin to when people claim you must have faith to gain a testimony of the truth of Christianity, and when you ask "what about people whose faith has lead them to a truth of Islam, or Hinduism, or Judaism?" and they answer that those people had false faith in the wrong things and that their testimonies MUST be false because Christianity is the one true religion and they know that because they have faith it is.

Rather like...the bibble is the word of god and I know that because it tells me so. Uhhhhh, HUH!

Ah, the good old logical fallacy (or should that be "phallucy"? 😉 ) of special pleading for their own particular god.

Always an excuse! It's blasphemy to point that out to them.

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