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The republicans have convinced the upper middle class that we want to tax them more.

Perhaps we should be saying tax the super rich instead of just tax the rich.

Lorajay 8 Sep 16

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The little kings are elitists. They will defend the elite. It's a byproduct of capitalism. The powerful think of their lives as "do or die". They expect everyone else to feel the same. They see themselves as the the fittest. They expect those down the chain to respect their authority.




It doesn't matter what we say. Some people have closed minds. That's true whether they're from the drumpfenstein monster zombie death cult or the do nothing complainers who say the whole system stinks. As I said a thousand times, it's about mind control by the wealthy and connected. They want us fighting each other; or, they want us to give up on the system completely. Remember your Galaxy Quest... never give up... never surrender... to the brainwashing!

"or, they want us to give up on the system completely."

The People's Party is moving quickly.


That's the probablem in America - most people making $100k a year think they are rich. That's the trick the 1% play when they are actually making over $500k a year. Most of them could retire at any moment and make upper 5% salary from investments alone.

That is exactly the point most people don't get about being wealthy. If one can live off their investments in a extravagant lifestyle, the only reason to accumulate vast sums of money is because you have a mental illness . That illness is called sociopathy

@floWteiuQ There is another distinction that is also important and not understood by most Americans. That is the issue of who is part of the economic elite and who isn't. If you are a trust fund baby or otherwise rich enough to not have to work in order to live comfortably, you are part of the elite, whether you do work or not. If you have to work to survive or live comfortably, you are not part of the elite.


No kidding , we had a strong middle class in the. 50's when top tax bracket was much higher until Reagan . Even some billionaires say they should be paying more, since they pay less than their secretaries

Funny how that time of great economic opportunity and equality (for white men and their families) corresponded to those sky high taxes on the rich. And yet they still made out very well, by and large did not leave the country in droves, and wealth trickled up to them instead of trickling down.

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