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I hear there are administrative site moderators now. Perhaps it would be good to warn them of possible malfeasance by members ganging up to report.

I suspect it won't take long for certain groups to do so. They may want to flag people doing the reporting to see if certain ones report far too often and in groups/cliques. **

I have to presume if they are seasoned they're aware of such things - but this site has a rather unique problem with cliques. I have yet to see it on other platforms to this degree.
Maybe that's just my good fortune.

I've seen one friend removed from a group who as far as I know - never posts anything off topic or in poor taste - and another one on a 9 day hiatus. I suspect shenanigans.

It would be easy for a group of mods/members from a larger group to decide to mess with members they don't like in this manner.

@Admin @developer @CS10 @SiteSupport
(And yes this would have gone better in the Senate group but as I'm still banned from there - oh well).

RavenCT 9 Sep 19

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Just for reporting on this, I am reporting you.


I've never reported anybody. I have blocked people and I've been blocked. Somebody reported me back when I was a "2". He made a nasty remark to me and I called him an idiot. He's still around and he's still nasty. Not to me, anymore.

Sometimes you can draw the focus of a group of people.

There's a few cliques on site. I believe one was broken up by the member being removed. She liked to call people "Evil" when she got rolling then bring her friends in to help jump on the member she targeted.

It was very Junior High School. But also very stressful for the members targeted.

I've become aware that we still have members doing this sort of thing.

I'm making Administration aware.

A good Moderating Team learns to look for a lot of things - this is somewhat unusual - but I've bet they seen it before on other platforms in different ways. Getting a heads up may be helpful.

They can actually build code to see who is reporting and how much - and get reports. It would prevent this sort of thing from going on.


That's interesting. So I've just reached Level 6 and was greeted with a message stating that as a perk for having reached Level 6, I am now able to see replies and comments of Level 3 and 4 members before anyone else. And I can help moderate those replies and comments by clicking "Approve".

I thought, "Wow, I am so NOT here for that." So is this a new 'perk'?

I always look at it as "Did I read the comment? Was it okay?" Than I just click the yes.

You certainly don't "Have to".

This is what I do - if I'm reading it anyway....

If it was a reasonable comment and it belonged there? I click "yes".

If I'm undecided - I move on.

If it was utterly terrible and didn't belong there? I hit the "no".

It cuts down the revues that Site Support has to do.

It's also a lot like leaving a Like for lower level members and this way it doesn't take forever for their comments to post.


Two curiosities come to mind.

  1. What is a site moderator? Like a hall monitor? I've not heard them referenced before this.
  2. I didn't realize one could be banned from the Senate.

You can be banned from any group on site. It's up to the Host and Mods..

Admin commented and showed that there are folks who scan the reports that are sent in. Whether they are volunteer or paid (I believe paid) - they are here.

If you look for Admin's post to Senate you should be able to see the reference.
ie It's not just Admin and SiteSupport handling the reports anymore. He hired a larger team. I believe he said they were experienced?

It even had the photo of a "report" attached. I believe it was a post regarding whether we wanted the site moderated differently?

Lucy keeps me current on anything important posted to Senate. (We live together). I simply don't have access myself.

BTW my account still carries none of those pesky flags or warnings people get for bad behavior. Interesting isn't it?

@RavenCT I thought the Senate was a group created by Admin and didn't realize it had mods. Got it.

I saw the post asking about us wanting a Tribunal and it's the only post with a pic of a report attached, but there is nothing in it saying he'd hired a team of people to do the moderating, he was asking if we wanted him to set up a community based group for reviewing reports. It didn't seem like it went anywhere as many were against it. I just went and reread the whole thread and there's no mention from Admin about hiring a team of moderators. So I guess I'm still confused.

@Amzungu As I recall CS10 SIteSupport and Admin moderated that group. So basically the site administration - possibly developer too now?

But of course when you hit the "report" button there is now an administrative team of mods who can deal with issues as well.

As someone who hosts groups I mostly prefer to handle issues myself - but if something appalling comes up when I or a moderator I chose isn't available? I'm more than happy to have this back up system. It's definitely necessary. (At one point it was all we had).

@Amzungu There are people hired for various tasks. I do believe site moderation is one of them. I do know a "Group of people" was referred to who were trained for the task prior to this - perhaps it was on another Admin post and not within that one.

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