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Why worry?

Why worry about questions no one has been able to answer? Just the thought.

Alani 2 Sep 19

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Best not to confuse the amusing and sometimes profitable game of. 'What if.' With worry.


If nobody ever bothered to contemplate questions that nobody else had theretofore been able to answer, we still wouldn't know how to generate electricity or how to effectively track weather or how to treat injury and disease.


Define the difference between worry and ponder. I prefer to think I ponder over mysteries rather than worrying.

I have always thought worrying isa waste of time, being concerned is another think.

Agree. Pondering is more precise


The fact that there is zero evidence for something is a definite answer.

Zero can't be known - ever - totally. According to Deleuze, Bergson believed duration is related to some sort of quality of "intelligence" somewhere (perhaps that means "what things are telling us" or the semiotics in the natural world?) Certainly, it allows us to observe the rate of evidence stacking up, or not. Then we can use degrees of inference. Interim answers are indeed often definite enough to be called definite. Ah, but I don't find pondering the universe worrying but comforting. Thinking is the tool to detect what is firm enough to live by and that IS knowledge.

@HenAgnDon False. Zero evidence of any gods is known.

@LovinLarge In the light of OP, and probable workable definitions of "god" as "god", I effectively agree. I assumed the OP question was of wider scope, when much the same principles apply.

@HenAgnDon Good point, thank you. I should stop responding to ridiculously vague posts.

@LovinLarge What anyone calls knowledge is an interim weight of evidence (of a very wide variety of kinds) that is provisionally "felt" by "sufficient" people (to the knower) to be called so. In some areas there are overlaps which can surprisingly often be seen as complementary rather than rivalling. This forms an astoundingly firm basis in practice.

The main subtext of "agnostic" the entire forum title, implies what you and Danger Dave are doing. (When anyone gets explicit I often take them up but perhaps needn't do so often in future: the layers of relevance of "gods" are provisionally so impractical.) I'm with Len quite a bit on this: taking "worry" not as eating my heart out in despair but holding my own aptitude for analysis and drive to penetrate seriously about everything that's around me (and perhaps isn't).

My motive at any moment of posting comprises three randomly disposed forces - having fun & relaxing, pretending to be nice to everybody, and showing off my nascent logic skills. Also, the Senators are trying to keep me at 4.8 for ever and I'm determined to beat them and get in. Am grateful for my bacon & nice pot of tea this hazy English morning. If things get bad, "worry" will have a different sort of slant.


Because I am not a brain dead fuckwit with no interest in understanding or bettering reality?

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