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Who rides a bicycle everyday, every other day, weekends?

Anybody with a tricycle?

atheist 8 Apr 9

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Winter is a problem. I walk in snowy conditions. But, with dry ground the bike provides my normal mode of transportation. I quit driving several years ago when the price of gas went through the roof, and took the bike to work every day. Some people say it is good exercise. To me it is just faster than walking. I don't think of it as exercise; just an easier, quicker way to get whee I am going.


I ride my bike 3-5 days a week, depending on the weather and my work schedule. I have a scenic bike path right outside my door, so that makes it easy. I generally go 12 miles round trip, along the coast in the late afternoon, before sunset.

I had to take 5 months off due to a knee problem, recently, so I'm so glad to be back at it! Love the wind on my face, and beautiful scenery, a tranquil spot to drink my water and feel grateful!


If not every day - very often ! Love it.


I love to bike. I had a beach cruiser with one speed when I was in high school made my calfs rather defined. Unfortunately having back issues biking is not that easy today. If I could get past the pain from arthritis in my back I would ride a few miles every day.

@atheist Working on that got my kids bikes and would love to go with them. That is when they finally learn how. My son has got his sister falls a lot and she is older by 1-minute lol.


I bike five days a week once the weather is above freezing. My weekend rides can be anywhere from 1 to 2 hours. Despite my age, I am also looking into adding a recumbent bike to my riding and am debating on whether to have a two or three wheeled one.

Two wheels mean you only have to find a 2 inch wide smooth passage through the potholes. 3 wheels means you have to find 3 perfectly spaced smooth patches through the potholes. This is important on a recumbent because you can get your seat off the seat so the bumps are transmitted directly to your spine.

I borrowed my kids recumbent for a summer, I figured I could not truly appreciate a bike with any less mileage. I never got so that bike and I were one, I was always steering. One observation: I had toured on a touring bike with drop bars, and mostly in the plain states so the bars were pretty low. While touring on the recumbent I realized churches have steeples. All those years, I never actually looked up, all the sudden I can look up so the sights changed, even the same old routes were different.

If I were to take up touring again it would be a normal touring bike.

The photo was me coming home from work and I came across a mountain bike race, I did a lap and actually beat a couple of the mountain bikes.


When it gets above freezing, I bike to work. When it gets above 50°, I bike when I feel like it. When it's gorgeous outside, you can't get me off the thing. I love it!

I hope you enjoy it half as much as I do!


I cycle as much as I can. It's the nearest thing to being able to fly.

Here's a stat I came across recently - the first 20 minutes of cycling every day adds an hour to your life. So effectively, you get younger as you go. Just don't overdo it.


I commute to work by bike. I do the Tradr Joe run plus other assorted shopping by bike. I used to work our Dog, Nora, by bike, but then the congestive heart failure started. Now I'm waiting for Cyrus to grow up a little and I'll be working him by bike. And then sometimes I just ride for fun and exercise.


I haven't been on a bicycle since l got a drivers licence.

any particular reason why not?

@andygee Comfortable seating, air conditioning, heater, radio, protection from the elements, and l don't have to wear that silly looking helment. ?


I would like to ride a bicycle daily, but do not have one

What's your budget for a bike? Do you have a place to store a bike? Do you need anything special for your bicycle? Dick's is a pretty good place to get a decent inexpensive bike, and they have a lot of sales.


not enough


I just bought a bike, have not ridden in years. Took it around the block a few times, the old saying you never forget how to ride is true. Different muscles being used and getting my backside used to that seat will take a little time. Smart enough to get a brain bucket and flashing head/tail lights too.


What's a bicycle? Does it have an engine?

@atheist Prefer horse power.

@atheist ... and they taste good in salamis. Bicycles tend to make them too crunchy!!

@atheist en Castellaño, son salamis. In English, it is as per the Spanish. In Italy, one is a salame, many are salami. In American, I plead ignorance!

@atheist However, in Swahali, "salaamia" is to greet others! (Swahili is my native tongue.)

@atheist na mimi na salamia wewe, bwana.


I bought one in the off season and am looking forward to using it very, very much this year.

So far, I have the helmet and gloves. I may end up with the elbow and knee pads to match. These aging bones don't bounce back like they used to. 😉


i used 2 ride a bike or walk everywhere, i got hit by a largeish truck tho while riding, and i havent been on a bike since...not that i don't want 2 but the bike was destroyed and i just never got another one, i think that was about 18 years or so ago

Byrd Level 7 Apr 9, 2018

So sorry to hear that.

@atheist im not really against it or anything, I just haven't had the money since 2 go out and buy one. I have kids now so most of my extra money either gets spent on them or saved for them for their futures


My bicycle is my major mode of transportation.

@atheist, over 2 years now.

@atheist, oh, I know, although if I need to get a long way quickly I supplement with public transit.


This will be the first year after seven without bike riding. I had my spine operated on and have great hopes that that fixed my balance problem. Fingers crossed. I spent all of my youth on two wheels, bicycle, moped and motorcycle. Of course, I grew up in countryside as flat as a tabletop. None of my bikes had more than one gear!


Ahhhh... Here is my good old friend. Well, not a bicycle but a motorcycle, every time weather allows it

That's an accurate statement, regardless previous percentage issues we may have discussed ?


I haven’t rode in several years, but I love bikes. Give me gears and all terrain abilities and I’m good.

@atheist not necessarily. I’ll ride in the urban jungle, too, but I’m rough and aggressive, need a bike that can withstand the abuse.


Is there a hidden meaning to this question?

as in the village bike?

That's what I was wondering.

@The_Antichrist Are youn two of the same sick mind?

I don't understand youn.

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