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LINK Trump to nominate Amy Coney Barrett to Supreme Court: sources

Fox News article about Trump confirming Amy Comey Barrett as nominee for Supreme Court

Hages 7 Sep 25

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This is what happens when a nation shoots itself in the head. A sharp friend thinks ‘America’ gets what it deserves... Too many were shit-stupid 4 years ago, now we’ll all pay the price.

Filibuster? Storm the Senate? Everything feeds the Republican reelection plan..

Personally, I blame a stubborn, politically ignorant, small, angry woman who should have stepped aside in safety - as did many justices before her - but didn’t. This is her fault, thus her ultimate legacy…

Varn Level 8 Sep 26, 2020

I disagree. I think Democrats need to stop worrying about the big bad republicans and rolling over all the time. I think they need to fight with every power they have. During the primaries I remember people saying, “we can’t nominate Bernie because the Republicans will attack us as the socialist party”. Guess what? They did it anyway. It’s time to get a backbone. We are not dealing with the Republican party of old. As far as RGB, I remember when Obama was president I kept thinking she should retire so that she wouldn’t be replaced if Republicans took office in 2016.

@Rudy1962 think Democrats... The ‘power they have’ is from the people, when the people fail to elect them - there are not enough ‘Democrats.’

The reason the R’s attack on ‘Socialism’ isn’t working is, there’s no Socialist.. That’s why they so desperately wanted Sanders 😕

… ‘RGB’ (as mentioned around here) ..was my mother’s age (mom’s now gaining ground). My mother had complained for years that ‘rgb’ needed to clear out. She didn’t, her ego was far larger than her stature, or eventual legacy … now we’re fucked.. I’ve avoided contacting mom, this is Hell.

But yes, Dem’s need to fight with their gloves off … but also as mentioned around here, the Democratic Party is mainly women and intellectuals, neither instinctively fight. They play games in court, but the R’s have countered that.. And - Industrialist Money feeds their opposition, while they scrounge for couch change…

Weird thing is, those most often blaming this on the out-of-power Democrats are the same shit-stupid assholes & idiots having sat on their fuckin hands 4 years ago.. Don’t blame me - I fought hard then - and now! ..though likely losing admirers around here for being honest, that’s one behavior my parents got right..

@Varn Wow. Lots there. I will start with an admission, I’m fairly guilty of doing a lot more talking than action. I suppose I would fall under the “shit-stupid asshole and idiot” category🤪. I would defend myself but the line between excuses and explanation is a blurry line. How did you fight hard?

It’s questionable whether or not the “socialist” label by Republicans is working. I’m also not convinced that women as a hole don’t distinctively fight. Intellectuals more often try to be reasonable which might put them at a disadvantage in today’s political climate.

Democrats have plenty of options to obstruct and postpone the SCOTUS nomination even though they don’t have the votes. Do you think the Republicans would just roll over and play dead if the roles were reversed?

@Rudy1962 It’s not felt safe to describe my degree of involvement with the Democratic Party on this forum, I’ve several talents I generally apply. And sometimes, ‘fighting hard’ can appear fairly mundane … as in tomorrow's efforts..

Anyone having not, or tossed, or given their vote to trump 4 years ago are the guilty party. Thing is, though, those of us who do pay attention likely have more options for safety. Meaning, it’ll likely bite the deserving first.

The R’s have whittled down their numbers greatly, so the ‘socialist scare’ mainly plays to their hardcore members.. Bernie may have slipped through as ‘our candidate,’ but after a heart attack, and his dwindling numbers.. He’d have done little to nothing for the down-ballot Dems we need in the House & Senate.

After the death of scalia, it appeared to me the Democrats rolled over and played dead… They play softball. The Republicans are filthy and desperate. Their numbers have been dwindling for decades, so they’ve not only played nothing but hardball, but cheat!

The D’s are clever, and occasionally resourceful ..if given the power/ opportunity. But with their spectrum of candidates representing such wide demographics, it appears too easy for the ugly R’s to pick them off after a ‘tuff vote.’ Money talks, and R’s have it..

Regarding women in the Democratic Party, I’ve known and supported many, far more than men. But the vast majority are rule followers, unfamiliar, uncomfortable, or incapable of matching the war-like tactics of their opposition. Damn frustrating for we handful of guys ..about to explode...


Hey, just curious here, but isn't 'coney' another American type name for a rabbit/hare?


Welcome Handmaid’s Tale.

We are definitely headed backwards.

@linxminx The U.S. imo, has been going in REVERSE for the last few decades or more I reckon.

@Triphid I totally agree.

@linxminx And I've the feeling that gear selectors are somewhat permanent stuck in reverse these days.


Use a nuclear option to block it.


And? I hope she strikes down a lot of these idiotic gun laws. Abortion is not in danger. Calm down, folks.


Welcome to Fascists states of America the obstructionist republican fascist lead states that is!!!


I can't even... we're fucked.


She's bat shit crazy. This is frightening.

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