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Texas friends, I am so sad for you! How are you dealing with this?

tinkercreek 8 Oct 8

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Traffic jams in Houston horseback riders in Loving County where people can breathe real air


The largest Texas counties now allow voters to go to any voting location in their county to vote, not just their local precinct. Early voting starts Oct 13. I expect lines. but I am right across the street from one of the early voting locations, so I can just walk there and see what the wait time is. When i voted in the primary and runoff they had a good system for contactless voting.

Heyhey, sounds like things will be looking up for you Texas voters now!!!

@glennlab El Paso, TX does too, one facility that I work at has early voting, so that's where I go on my way out, pop in line and vote.

@MichelleGar1, @IrishTxJudy The legislature allowed all the counties to do it, but they had to pass enabling legislation. After Harris, Dallas, Tarrant, Bexar and Travis passed it, I stopped following the progress. I haven't voted on election day in years, since the early voting location is a mile closer to me than my precinct voting location.

@glennlab It's a lot easier and convenient


It is just old fashion Fascism, now home grown in Texas!!!

Too many in Texas are going to stop it this election!!!

But this is changing now, sign of some change?


The only reasons for changes. are that the young and minorities are being treated like stupid children, the young and other minorities are not given equal justice, equal pay, medical care, education, or voting rights!!!

Texas was a white mans paradise, which is now going down like the dinosaurs these supremacy addicts have sowed, they are fast becoming obsolete, yet still very dangerous, they will not go away quietly or without violence!!!

Now they are truly outnumbered not just by the populace, but by those who have lost everything in this monetary depression these old boys helped to create!!!

@of-the-mountain I hope at least it is easier for folks to vote now.

The Federal Court in Texas struck down the Fascists Governor Abbott’s only one early voter box per county!!!

Now it will be differently be easy to early vote in Texas!!!

Now if we can only remove the rest of these lawless obstructionist republicans fascist from office!!!

@of-the-mountain Yes, and whew! I was becoming concerned that was just a rumor!


Don't expect functional democracy in the south, their "cultural" go to is decidedly NOT democratic, you can't have second class citizens and be a democracy, and in the south anyone that isn't white is second class at best.
Of course I don't mean everyone in the south, but enough to cause things like Texas, and Alabama.
Tragic really.


Thanks for reposting!!!


Gerrymandering, what Republicans do best! 😡


It's infuriating, but they had put so many impediments to mail in voting that it just tops it off. My 83-yr old mother was going to vote by mail but is so worried that her vote won't count that she's doing early voting instead.

I hope you are both able to get that done with some confidence!

@tinkercreek We're looking forward to it - it takes more than the GOP to keep us away. 😊


And they want Texas to go REpublican. From this I would think they see no chance of this happening. Let us hope so.

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