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I love when I hear parents yell for their kids to stop screaming and yelling. 🙄🤦🤣

antireligious 5 Oct 8

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Parenting the last great bastion of amateur endeavor.


Yes, it is like dog training. Modelling positive behaviour and attention for good behaviour are important.
I worked with a psychologist once who said that he started smacking his kids once, out of frustration at their disobedience. It only lasted a week as there was already a marked increase in their violence towards each other.


Even sillier, is yelling. "Stop barking." At dogs. Yet a lot of people do it. When leading by example, it is needful to be self aware, and that is common in chimps I am told, not sure about humans.


I remember my father yelling at me and my five sisters... KEEP IT DOWN! I'M TRYING TO SLEEP!


You gotta tell them who's boss. Getting yelled at sure beats taking one upside the head.

@antireligious I was well aware of the irony of your point. I'm just saying it's preferable to a beating but probably less effective.

@barjoe Neither worked on us. :/

@Holysocks My parents didn't hit me hard, they went for distance. Mostly mom but it worked.

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