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LINK Hillary Clinton: Young People See Christianity as “Judgmental” and “Alienating” | Beth Stoneburner | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

Plenty of studies have shown that young people are disillusioned with Christianity and choosing to leave it behind in adulthood. The latest person to confirm that phenomenon is former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

snytiger6 9 Oct 9

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Maybe the age of enlightenment is around the corner with the younger generation seeing what religion is not worthy of there attention. One of few regrets I have in life is not leaving religion earlier in life. I know my adulthood would have been happier.


Religion is dying, and only a thousand years too late.
The mention of Hillary Clinton seems hostile, because she has been demonized to the point that few can see her good qualities.
Regardless of what she said or didn't say it's true that religion is clanish, alienating, and certainly judgmental.
Even if Hillary actually said it that doesn't make it true or false.
Experience growing up in fundamentalist Christianity tells me it's true.
Their closed minded manipulative arguments reinforces my conclusions.


Which is what activated the entire Catholic/Evan war to bring back religious "rights." This war began with Pope John Paul I so is deeply entrenched now. Amy Cone-head is their big TD which might win the game for them.

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