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"High As a Giraffe's Ass." Trump's rambling calls torched on Twitter.

Get the straight jacket.

The president evaded the Fox News host’s health queries, raved about tiny windows and claimed Joe Biden will make America a “9th world country.”


"Trump’s Rush Limbaugh Interview Might Have Been His Most Deranged of the Week."

To be clear, the week was already extremely deranged.


LiterateHiker 9 Oct 9

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My concern is, if he’s this off the rails before the election - what’s he going to do before Biden’s inaugurated..? It’s no joke the House Dems are seeking and setting guidelines for such behavior, if ‘in the future.’ We know little pence hasn’t the courage to step in..

Varn Level 8 Oct 10, 2020

The defiant bellows of the dying Orange Hippo, slowly sinking in the muck and mire
of its own pooh!


Hope biden kicks tRump's arse in the election. I call it right now, florida with trouble with it's voting.


Who knows? Maybe Trump is acting this deranged so that if he loses he can spend time in a rich man's luney bin in order to avoid prosecution. I do know that Trump needs money and wants to stay in power to avoid being crowbait. That's not a mis-spell. I'd like to see Trump as crowbait.


The man needs a nanny and a damned good spanking.

He might enjoy that too much. Let's just make it a good beating instead. I hear Dwayne Johnson's available.




😂😂😂😂trump is raving lunatic,😂😂😂😂


Dead links.


Darn it! Thanks for the heads up. I posted new, different links.

@LiterateHiker Still not working for me. Methinks some malfeasance may be afoot?

Maybe try [] instead, if this is the same article.


I believe the reports that the treatment may have made him more manic than usual


Isn't there a nut house that would take him? Can we banish him to some small with no hope of return.

In the US, 'nuthouses' were done away with long ago, and replaced with 'park bench therapy'. When that proved woefully inadequate, the concept of the 'group home' was adapted from the Swedes. But I doubt there are many group homes who would take in Jesus Trumpy. I mean, can you imagine him, Hitler, Mussolini, Napoleon, Idi Amin, and Moamar Quadahfi all living in the same group home?


I wonder if this is more attention seeking behavior, a distraction for who knows what else or just pushing the boundaries to see if anyone does anything.

CS60 Level 7 Oct 9, 2020

That's what scares the hell out of me. I believe him capable of doing just that.


Start with a low bar and then lower it. The Cheeto-in-Chief strikes yet again.


He's really become even more unhinged than usual. I think junior was right....he needs a rubber room. And we need a break.

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