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LINK Judge: NY Can Restrict Worship to Limit COVID, Despite Orthodox Jews’ Complaints | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

In New York, where the COVID curve has un-flatted in parts of the state, Gov. Andrew Cuomo recently instituted new rules that limited in-person worship services to as few as 10 people (or 25% of capacity, whichever is lower) in the worst-hit places. Those areas, which represent nine different zip codes, saw a COVID test positivity rate of 5%, compared to 1% in other parts of the state.

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Some common sense among those who lack it


Is online worship via zoom really that hard of a concept to grasp?

It's too hard to Trump to grasp the concept for the second debate.


Another example how religion has ruined people's lives.


Fuck all religions! Their followers are all brainwashed assholes!


Since there are areas in New York and other place where certain religious groups live who do insist on worshiping in large numbers, maybe just maybe they should be able to do so, however if they do, how about building a barricade around them and leave them to their prayers.


Let them all gather for worship. When they get covid19, maybe they will learn their lesson.

Problem is that if and when they get it, they will spread it to others.


Another power-mad Democrat governor. Better be on the lookout for militia.

(Please note- this was a sarcastic comment. I think he's being utterly reasonable myself. But then, I'm apparently a nanny-state Democrat who's too afraid of COVID to go around without a mask on in public. Biggest mask you've ever seen.)


The hasidic communities are extremely dangerous.
They truly believe their religious beliefs put them above the law.


Pandemics aren’t convenient for anyone, you need to do better than religion issues to get my sympathy.
Now if you couldn’t vote or get food or protest I might give a damn.


Prayers are never answered. Worship en masse is not essential. Their right to pray to a nonexistent God shouldn't infringe on my right to not get infected.

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