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Do you think we will ever reach a time when we can be proud to be human and of our stewardship of the planet?

girlwithsmiles 8 Oct 17

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Pride is a silly form of complacency. Humility and constant hunger for improvement is ideal. And yet, all I can achieve is hypocrisy.

Perhaps so, would explain the saying, ‘pride before a fall’. Yes, your middle statement rings true, thank you.
There are so many variables, without being part of a paradigm shift/ community that thinks similarly, it’s going to be tough to do a great job. .


I felt we were getting there, slowly, before 45......

It's funny now that I think about it: prior to 45, I had thought we had so far to go - almost an insurmountable amount. But in retrospect, having watched 45 destroy it all, I feel we were slowly getting there. I hope we get the chance again.


There was and are many cultures who were and are proud of our stewardship of the planet. And all of them caused horrible damage.

But can we stop causing it?


Yes, it’s a sad reflection. The same people do their best to put people like the hippies and environmentalists down.

Wow, what a great yet disturbing video! Evokes so many emotions and thoughts. Thanks for posting. (I'm so glad I've found this community to share with 🙂


I want a Gene Roddenberry future but it keeps pulling towards Orwell.

Yes, agreed.


There have been many periods when people were proud of their stewardship of the planet while causing great harm to the environment or other societies.

That’s sad.


When ever there is not any humans having stewardship over the planet.

Word Level 7 Oct 17, 2020


Before humans learned to talk and thus pass on knowledge, that's when.


We did, but that was a few thousand years ago. It survived amongst some "primitive peoples" until quite recently.

True, some pagan cultures were quite well versed in fitting into biodiversity. Sometimes mistakes were hidden though, and not being my culture, it’s not really my place to point them out.


Not in our lifetime. 😟
Altogether, there are some really good people. Ie: Chesapeake bay society and others like them.
I still like the Sierra club too.

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