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LINK Trump Is 'Helping To Crowdsource Domestic Terrorism,' Warns Former DHS Official | HuffPost

Trump’s refusal to condemn the QAnon conspiracy theory means his has “become the Alex Jones Infowars presidency,” said Miles Taylor.

snytiger6 9 Oct 17

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It’s almost as if the safeguards we put up to defend ourselves as a free people enjoying democracy have been weaponized against us.
However we always knew this was possible because we refused to see how it has been this way from the start when we consider the poor, and minorities, and women throughout our history.
Now it’s weaponized against all but the very wealthiest.
Including white men that think they’re anything more than attack dogs for their owners who will not hesitate to consume their lives just as they would the lives of refugee minority children that don’t speak English.
People get real upset that we don’t talk about American Exceptionalism but it’s hard to see the good when you know that you’re just food to drive the machine that puts money in the pockets of men that have more than some countries and their constant thought is only about how to get more.

Nice to see someone as disillusioned as myself.


And yet, Trump's still president. So much for checks and balances.

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