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LINK Notable Atheist Books (501 books)

Goodreads collection of books on atheism

Hages 7 Oct 21

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A lot of those books are not about atheism, they are about science and dismistifying stuff.
Science is different from atheism The Demon-Haunted World for example is just an exposition of science and knowledge, it does not intend to be an atheist book, it doesn't say if there is or not a god, it talks about Known things and not beliefs.
And most of science books also like the selfish gene or the origin of species. They are science books that religious people don't like because they show them to be wrong. But the books per-se are not atheist.

Anyway, is a nice list and some of them that are about atheist are a nice introduction to the philosophy that can make atheism from a "I don't believe because I don't believe, because I don't believe" type of argument(that sounds like theism without a god) to a really "I can explain shit and why gods are inexistent or irrelevant" type of argument.


I didn't see the bible listed, that's what helped me become a non-believer. Most christians haven't even read the bible.


Thanks for the link, never counted how many books that I had read, but from the looks of the titles I've read quite a few. I have a lot of books, the problem that I had ran into was even though some were very interesting however, some were rather dull and I never finished them, but out of them all they have ended up being repeatative, so I don't read that much any more.

There is nothing wrong with dropping a book, if you don't find it interesting, reading is not a competetive sport. And if you find a book dull then that is just as often the authors fault, the fact that you take the time to write it down does not mean that you have anything worth writing.

@Fernapple. I obviously did, you responded.

@MrDragon No. The 'you' was refering to the authors, not you yourself. Sorry misunderstanding, my fault for writing quickly.

I see, no problem, sometimes writing styles have much to be desired. There are some writers that just capture you and then those that bore you.
But, I understand.


Wow ....Lots of books I'd like to read in there !! (I have only read one of the 1st 100....but have heard of many of the others)

twill Level 7 Oct 21, 2020

I have read several, and would highly recommend any of Bart Ehrmans' books :



One should be free in there spiritualality to believe what they wish about the universe and our part in it and not be controlled by someone else's perception as long as one is good and honest and straight forward,we do not have to believe another that is our right but need to acknowledge the others point of vieew ,But we definitly do not have the right to act against another or cause harm unless the beliefs and actions of that person effect the whole in a negative way


As a non-believer since birth, I don't need convincing that gods are imaginary.

Gods are thought up by humans for there beliefs , and are not really that we know of but a lot of info is coming to light about possible aliens who came to earth and this is thru out all cultures ,whom some started worshipping becasue of there technology ,they did not know how to comprehend it ,The future is probably or is going to be very enlightning to all of us

It does not have to be about changing or reinforcing beliefs. I have read several of the books on the first page, and they were just very good entertaining reads. From which I learned a lot of interesting things, often beyond the edge of the main subject.

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