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Would Oprah make a good presidential canidate?

Tell me your views on why you would or wouldn't support Oprah if she ran for President.

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paul1967 8 Apr 10

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She is just another one of the wealthy. Now if Schwarzenegger was allowed to run the Presnator J/K.

If Schwarzenegger was allowed to run and win he'd screw things up just like his incompetence did when he was governor of California.

@redbai How would anyone be able to tell if his policies would not work, the CA government went against him the entire time.

That's not how I remember it. I remember him giving Exton a sweetheart deal saving them billions in fines for nothing in return and robbing the school funding to pay for lower car registration fees. I can't remember a single thing he did that would have been objectively beneficial to the state that was blocked ked by the state congress. He is a mediocre actor and was terrible at governing.


Oprah Winfrey is Diet Donald Trump. All the smugness, cluelessness, and inexperience. None of the bigotry and crudeness. I don't like the flavor of the original and I'm willing to fight however I can to avoid the low calorie version. We don't need another clueless tv personality in the executive seat. Just because she can hit all the right buzzwords with her golden globes speech and project a positive vibe doesn't qualify her for the highest office in the nation. She's still a terrible candidate that promotes a lot of new age bullshit that does way more harm than good. Those charlatans β€œDoctor” Phil and Doctor Oz and that imbecile David I'mGonnaChangeMyNametoAvacado Wolf are all her fault because she provided them their soap box to peddle their woo. Then there is her complete lack of experience. That's only the surface of why she is a bad candidate

"peddle their woo" I love that description!! I say 'groomed for consumption'.

I'm a little surprised at the No's. I thought it would be a gender split on this one, but there doesn't seem to be. Almost everyone is saying no or probably no.

@paul1967 just because I am a woman doesnt mean I would support a woman candidate

@btroje I've noticed that, and it surprises me. Not that you're wrong for not supporting a woman. I think you should support the person you think is the best qualified. However I was SHOCKED how few women supported Hilary Clinton who I absolutely know was more qualified than Trump, yet woman hated her (I'm speaking in generalities based on polls) and voted Trump and that included a lot of liberal women who voted Trump to avoid voting Hilary. I was pissed and upset, but it is what it is and we are stuck with the results. I am not blaming women for Trump, I'm just saying that was a factor along with a long list of other factors and who people vote for is their business and not a right or wrong thing. I was pissed and upset because my candidate lost.

@paul1967 i sure can't explain that, i voted for her bu did no likr the idea of another political dynasty

@btroje Would you feel the same way if Michelle Obama ran for office? I ask because I hear that reason, "I don't like the idea of another political dynasty" and I've never understood the rationale for that objection. I promise I'm not being ugly here, I'm just curious if that answer is possibly a cover for the fact that you just didn't like her and you don't know why you didn't like her. I could also be way off base and If I am, I'm sorry.

@paul1967 I voted for Obama twice and I think they are both amazing people.I just don't like the way power is getting so consolidated among a few in the recent past.Maybe it would have been better if Michele ran and won first πŸ™‚

@btroje I'm only asking because I genuinely want to see a qualified president who happens to be female in the white house. Surprisingly I see women supporting other women as the hardest hurdle to overcome. I might be wrong, but I see women attack other successful women far more than I see men attacking successful women. I scratch my head every time and wonder why aren't more women supporting successful women?

@paul1967, i am not into isms, in particular not feminism. it just divides people.

@walklightly Not athe"ism" or natural"ism" or secular"ism" sorry, I'm just teasing you πŸ˜‰

@paul1967 I know what you are talking about, won't try to imagine what each individual is thinking and go from there. I will vote for the best candidate. I would hate it if say a Margaret THatcher type became president just because women banded behind her

@paul1967, that's ok, tease away πŸ˜€ but yeah, basically i'd prefer to deal with people individually. as that is not always possible without getting very convulated i tolerate isms occasionally.

@paul1967 "I'm only asking because I genuinely want to see a qualified president who happens to be female in the white house."

Nina Turner or Tusli Gabbard are good picks for the first female president. they do push a real left leaning ideology and left the DNC because of the corruption. either of them would make a good candidate.


Don't need another TV star We need another president.


Being a good candiate is one thing. She would.

Do I think she'd be a good president? I really don't think so. But maybe we'd all get cars.

I don't think she'd make a great president, but she would be better than Trump. However, Andy Dick would be better than Trump. Trump lowered the bar so much that you'd have to start digging (or perhaps mining) to find it.

@snytiger6 I can not disagree. I'm hoping we'll realize that electing smarter than us is a good thing. I don't know why the Republicans resent that. Seemingly.

@phil21 They demonize intellectualism, education and knowledge in general. I think it is because if peopel were educated enough to kow what was beign done, they would not likely o put up with it. So republican politicians set out to make the uneducated feel like they already know enough and to be outraged at those who know more than they do.


We don't need another celebrity with no political experience. Like a lot of things, running the country should be left to trained professionals. The disdain for education and training in this country is a huge problem.


Would a wet cat make a good pillow?


No more Actors or Actresses for Potus...this is ridiculous!!!
Do what you are good (or not) at.

Just because you are popular doesnt me you should be the Potus


Because she was suggested as a sensationalist without any sort of policy substance. And we don't need another TV star as a president...


Oprah is a celebrity not a politician or anyone who has shown any ability to govern or negotiate social policy. The Only reason she's even considered credible is because she's a celeb and the assumption that if Trump can be in the office, why not another celeb who doesn't have a disgustingly unethical background. []

I agree that beign a celebrity does nto make a person qualified for the presidency. However, unlike Trump, she did nto inherit, but actual. ly was self made, and she has never gone bankrupt.

So, all things considered, I think despite her lack of qualifications, she would still do a better job and is more qualified than Trump, as she is at lest a better business person and she at least knows what it is like to be poor.

@syntiger6 "she would still do a better job and is more qualified than Trump".

Set a low bar and you get terrible candidates. I would rather someone better than Obama or Clinton. Using Trump as the metric allows for more terrible people. Another GW Bush is viable with just being better than Trump and Bush started a war that's been going on for years.


Oprah is completely credulous. Whatever wild theory is out there, she believes. Just watch old episodes of her show. She would be every bit as bad as any religious candidate.


No more celebrities for president!

Neither Trump nor Oprah is qualified or has the background for the job. However Oprah has something Trump doesn't... competence.


Going to echo the same sentiment. TV stars don't belong in the oval office


Why would she? Because she is a celebrity? I thought America would be learning by now about celebrity politicians.

I don't think Oprah would be a good President, and I would not support her in an election. However, I keep hearing this statement being said over and over. "We don't need another celebrity in the White House" A few years ago the statement was "We want change and not another political insider" What I see when it comes to politics is trends, people seem to follow one another based on the popular verbiage being used. I see no correlation between someone who happens to be a celebrity and their ability to lead. Reagan first term was a reasonably decent President. George Washington was a surveyor before becoming President. Andrew Johnson was a tailor in South Carolina and Tennessee before coming President. I could bore you with a list of jobs people had before becoming President, but I think you get my point. I want people to drop the group mentality and think deeper next election. Look at what is being proposed and if you can't understand something ask someone you trust to explain it to you. I don't understand 90% of what's being offered until I start asking around. Anyways I hope you didn't take this as an attack. I could have posted this on just about everyone's post, but I picked yours to post this. I want to hear what you have to think about what I said because I'm open to being wrong.


No and my reasoning is that we don't need another celeb with Zero political knowlage and easily manipulative for the 1% gain. She is not fit for the roll, she can help in other ways through good deeds and charity. Tbh she would not be any better then the bafoon we have in office right now.

Oblowme the manChild is not president, FYI


Although I admire her very much, Oprah is not a politician and she is not a Washington "insider." The "Beltway" would eat her alive! Being a "celebrity" doesn't necessarily prepare you for being the President of the United States. President Obama was a constitutional lawyer and had years of working as an activist. Lincoln was a lawyer and had years of experience running for political office (frequently failing) before he became President. D.C. is like being thrown into a tank of sharks! You better have some serious preparation, before throwing yourself in.


If she was Athiest I would be open to it.


No way!!!! She's made for popular consumption.

I dot' think she is qualified, but she would still do better than Trump... who also isn't really qualified.

i think we need somoene who is both qualified and competent. At least Oprah is competent.


No not the correct background.


No she is like the female version of Deepak Chopra. New Age 101.



She's very polarizing in some circles and has a lot of baggage from a life long public career.
Sad to say I don't think most men in this country would vote for a woman and certainly not a black one, too many redneck hillbillies woman haters. Though a woman would be my first choice if she also had my values.

A lot of baggage is right! Repubs would nail her to a cross ( I know I said cross,but it's the essence of the idea).


As the current bigot in chief has shown, it takes more than money to make a president. She undoubtedly would be much better at it but the America people deserve someone more qualified. Michelle Obama is not qualified either as much as I admire her.
The republicans were taken for punks with 45 with being able to lie non-stop, not showing his taxes and not putting his companies into a trust as other presidents have done. For goodness sakes, the guy can’t spell! What college did this nut case go to?
I would hope that the American people have learned thier lesson with the current disaster. The president should have held office, legislative experience and no conflicts of interest.


Well I would vote for her if the only other choice was a republican. We surely don't need another one to entrench Trumps mistakes.

We need more work on some very important areas, like health care, foreign policy, and immigration reform (I say make america great by allowing a whole lot more immigrants into the country, we are almost all descended from immigrants)

I don't care if they are black, white, man, woman, trans, whatever.

I want someone who is a decent human, with reasoning ability, acceptance of the scientific method, and willing to try and improve everyone's situation rather than simply help themselves and their cronies. I'd prefer an atheist, but that probably is impossible.

Not someone who believes in ANY form of psuedo science or quackery, crazy religion, cult or new age BS.

But most likely it will be another shit show with horrible candidates on both sides, held up by money, celebrity, or both.

I couldn't agree more. Good post!


How about no more showbiz people? Getting back to serious, intelligent people with backgrounds in politics, law etc? Preferably having been senators previously. Having said that Michelle Obama looks a wonderful candidate from this side of the pond.

Ali47 Level 3 Apr 13, 2018

Your liberal education is showing, I'd clean that up.

@BigTen Your ignorance is showing. Read a book.


She has never held office and cannot do any better than trump because of that. america needs another leader and quickly


She is a very big fat egomaniac, so: NO.


She doesnt' really have the background or education appropriate for the job.

Hoever, she woudl do a much better job than Trump is/has been doing.

A wild boar would do a better job and have a better temperament than Trump.

@paul1967 lol

@paul1967 When it comes to people, even Andy Dick would do a better job than Trump.

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