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What would they sentence you for for punching a preacher in the throat at a funeral, and shoving funeral directors into a hole in the ground?

Holysocks 7 Oct 25

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🀣🀣🀣...that's heavy aggression. There's a few charges. Multiple Assault, intended grievous bodily harm, was the intention to close that hole with the funeral directors inside πŸ˜‚. Would the preacher be considered a public servant? Causing chaos at a funeral of a loved one.- disrespect for the dead?...and the family? ...was the assailant remorseful? Eish I'm rattling on πŸ˜…

Bob would have approved.

And not to mention, the funeral attendants probably would spend a week in the slammer. You are absolutely right.


I wouldn't. But who am I to give advise?


I’m sure there’s a story behind this, I’d like to know that story.

Someone I considered a brother had a funeral service today. The shithead who spoke used #72 speach and played sappy country songs, then the funeral home employees as good as invited you to sit on their shoe as they took a random kick in the direction of the door.



About one year per guilty verdit per charge

Most likely community service... ☺

@Cutiebeauty I would do the time.

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