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I am either an agnostic (don't know, don't care - we'll all find out soon enough) or humanist. Not sure.
I am curious about death and grieving views here. What happens at death? It's all speculation - just looking for theories.
Anyone care to share?

SueRushton 3 Oct 31

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Once you are dead, you are done. No “soul” , no afterlife or any other construct designed to ease one’s existence. Live for today.


I'm going along with Mel Blanc. 😔 "That's all folks" 😁


I don't know. My answer to your question about what happens after death. The only thing known is that our bodies stop to function, so most likely we stop to exist. After that, who knows?


It's nice to see that you don't care about the label you put on yourself, I feel the same way. Atheist is probably the closest label that I identify with but I don't get fussed about it. I think you are on to something with your speculation that it's all just theories when it comes to death. What we do know is that once the body dies then that's it but this is a material measurement and who knows for sure what happens after we die? I don't presume to know but I suppose we will all find out soon enough, or not.


I think when you die you are dead. Some people do not understand that. You know, like Jesus died and he is dead. So is your dead dog.


Yes, facts not theories. There are no gods, all were created by weak humsn minds. Therefore there are no valid religions to submit oneself to their bullshit, and quite a lot of bullshit these are! And death is a natural part of the cycle of life, the results of death are well documented, basically your body rots and decays to continue contributing to the cycle of life as food for other living things. Finally, why use labels to identify yourself? Suffice to say you don't believe in bullshit.


I’m a religious figuratist. Of course nobody has any “proof” but it appears to me dead is dead. Mythology is for the living.

skado Level 9 Oct 31, 2020

Atheist here. We are here by random. When the oxygen leaves our brain... fade to black. Before you were here there was nothing. After you're done there will be nothing. Enjoy the ride while it lasts, it won't matter when it's done. Spend all your money. Die in debt.

I agree I just cannot see any rationalization in living this life for one that you kind of think might be there after you die. I am sure I am here now, don't know where Ill be later but I don't remember anything BEFORE this existence either.

I have no problem with the end for myself. Black. Done. Dead. I's the sadness of missing my loved one that I'm struggling with. Suffice to say: He will live on in my heart and mind as long as I breathe.
Thanks for helping me to this realization. That is my comfort. Memories of an amazing man I was fortunate to find in this life.

@SueRushton I'm sorry for your loss.

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