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LINK Lady Gaga & Donald Trump are feuding on Twitter over Joe Biden / LGBTQ Nation

Posted mostly for the entertainment value. I find it hilarious that ]Trump, the president, would engage in a twitter war with a pop star.

snytiger6 9 Nov 2

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It's pathetic that a president hires someone to spend time on twitter and only get off his ass when someone really upsets him. That nacho is way past time to throw out.

All the best, I really hope change comes for us all.


Lady Gaga is a dearly beloved outspoken friend of the LGBTQ community.
Trump doesn't have those letters in his scrabble set.
Trump doesn't understand this yet but picking a fight with our Lady is picking a fight with every single one of us.
Except of course the Log Cabin folks, they were especially damaged by our uptight Christian culture.


Since, he doesn't know how to do his job, that is why he is on Twitter all the time.

Apparently he wasn't so good at that since someone was posting for him.

@Holysocks no surprise there. What a wus.

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