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LINK We Were Wrong About America

John Pavlovitz writing about the American election.

MizJ 7 Nov 6

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I've done a lot of TV watching since Tuesday as I watched the election results. I found it amazing that so many people voted for lying Trump who is killing Americans because he failed to have a strategy to contain the covid virus.

The pandemic (non)response is only the tip of the iceberg.

@MizJ I agree.


Trump showed us the heart and soul of almost 50% of the American voter. Guess what, they have very little if any of either, and are also lacking in morals and character, which only supports my point of view that we are not and never have been a great country. Like most things American, it has been nothing more than marketing.

  • am mortified that so many Americans have still voted for this execrable ,failed thing shocks and saddens me.I am beside myself,and sickened that this is still not settled,and,that even three days after the election there is no end in sight.

After living and working on three continents, all the other countries have problems most of which you really do not want to put up with or have to deal with especially if you are not connected by marriage or financially!!!

Most countries are actually more expensive to live in than here.

This country has always been controlled by the wealthy and their corporations!!!

We are painted a picture of this country that never has lived up to what is promised!!!


Many thanks for posting this. It sums up my feelings very well. When I've told friends that if Trump wins re-election that I would leave the US and become an expat they always ask why? Even if the USA doesn't get flushed down the toilet, do I want to continue living in a country where the majority, even an almost majority, would support someone like Trump? Is that the country I want to live in?

I saw a FB meme attributed to C. Ara Campbell that included: "Walk away from any garden that threatens to drain your soul, knowing you can create another." Here's our choice - continue to live in a country with at least 40% being Trumpers or start over somewhere else? I have started over before, I can do it again.

We need as many reasonable people as possible to remain in the states to counter that almost majority of Trumpsters.

Exactly. Currently I care for an ailing parent. When the pandemic is over there will be nothing keeping me here. This isn't a new idea, for many years when I traveled I dreaded coming back here. I find the hate and animosity to be draining, it saddens me and my mood suffers.

@RoboGraham One can only take so much.


It can be very depressing to live here.

There's such a, you're on your own attitude, it can be especially hard when there are medical issues involved and/or you've got to care for someone and support yourself at the same time.

@RoboGraham The pandemic has made it much worse.

@RoboGraham If I was young & feisty or if the Trumpers were a smaller percentage then I'd stay to do my part to mould the USA to be more progressive. If I leave I will spend my energy on starting over and working on smaller struggles; it's sad, but I'll leave repairing the USA to someone else. I don't want to spend my last years in a struggle that won't be over before I'm gone. I'm not happy about saying that.


You gotta do what you gotta do.

The youngsters will fix the mess made by the boomers.


So we're just figuring out that we're a nation of spoiled racist neanderthals?
What was your first clue?
For me it was the nerd shaming in high school.
African Americans have been telling us the entire time, there's a certain racism uncovered when liberals are shocked at just how racist their country really is.

I wanted to have hope that were were progressing, that hope is gone forever.

The nerd shaming started much earlier than high school for me.

@MizJ You can't let hope die, but like the pandemic it doesn't go away by ignoring it, it must be acknowledged.

@MizJ Nerd shaming, yea much earlier for me too, but I fell for the popular phrase for relatability. I was like a young Sheldon, and I got beat up a lot for it.

@Willow_Wisp I am stuck in Florida, surrounded by the small-minded. It is impossible to ignore the hate when one sees Confederate flags every day.

@Willow_Wisp I quit high school and went to college. hahahahahaha


Hate and ignorance die hard, but so does optimism. It's a long fight but we will win it.

I thought during the Obama administration that we were moving forward. Now I mourn for this country.

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