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One scenario that has been floated is that Trump is offered a full pardon for crimes he may have committed while in office, in exchange for a peaceful concession and departure from office. This of course would only apply to federal charges. It is a bit similar to the pardoning of Nixon, though of course Nixon resigned, rather than having been voted out. The idea was to save a lot of headaches and tax dollars for the country.

Is this is something that Trump has been angling for, given all the fuss he has been creating? Would it be a an option, in order to keep the country moving forward? Should it be an option?

I have a dislike for the pardon system in general, and in this case I think it would be akin to giving a toddler candy in order to stop him from throwing a fit.

itsmedammit 8 Nov 6

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No American president has been charged yet and plenty of crimes have happened in my life time. Same Australia's politicians. Get caught abusing power, usually for financial gain "Sorry, oversight. I'll pay some of it back". Rest of us get locked up for pulling stunts like that.


Regardless of Federal charges, he faces charges in NY, and the AG has already said she is waiting for him, tax fraud IIRC. The IRS is waiting to collect on $74M, banks will try to collect on $300M, and he has stiffed a number of cities who he owes money for political rallies. Glenn Kerschner, a former Justace Department lawyer, says a pardon by Pence may be considered collusion and voided. His empire must be crumbling. πŸ™‚


There is a theory he will resign and Pence has agreed to pardon him...

I have heard that too. But I wonder how loyal any of the Republicans will be if he does indeed lose the election. I suspect major loyalty bail.


I am sorry, but any idiot offering this should be tested for a brain. Trump will leave office on Jan 20, period. If the police have to go into the White House stun him and carry him out on a stretcher, it will be done. He does not get to stay because he wants to. Who the hell gives a shit what he says or does, he is out.

I think the concern is that the continued disruption would hinder the transition, so the thinking would be that it would be a quicker resolution to the Donald problem. I was never sure why they did this with Nixon, though. I'm sure there is more to the story than what we know.

@itsmedammit The powers that be might want him to feel good about what is happening. Personally, I don't care what they have to do to get this asshole out of the WH. Being nice is not one of my first concerns, as I just want him to have to go to jail so he does not leave the US before he gets arrested. If he wants to flee the US then fine as I do not think other places will be so kind to him.

@dalefvictor It's not about being nice. It would be a strategy.


Screw him !


A full pardon? No deal.


I think we should lie, tell him he can have the pardon, let him leave then after securing the office press charges anyway, you know, like he would.
This is why I will never run for office, my ideas are stupid.
I get it from my Grandfather who was a big advocate of taking all the 'bad' people and putting them in one place and blowing them up. For him there was no problem a liberal amount of explosives couldn't solve.
The main difference between us is that I know how stupid both our ideas are.

And yet both plans do have some merit. They could be spring boards for other ideas. πŸ˜‰

@Lauren @Willow_Wisp
maybe we could compromise!!! πŸ˜‰

@StarvingArtist @Willow_Wisp That's the spirit! I knew we could work something out.



He is not required by law to concede with dignity, nor does he deserve any favors for doing so. If he doesn't leave voluntarily he will be carried out by law enforcement. The country will suffer the least damage if it is demonstrated that the law applies to everyone.

skado Level 9 Nov 6, 2020

But is he does not concede, and continues to fight, can he hold up the official calling of the election? I think that is the concern, that the never ending fighting prevents the country from doing the necessary things that need to be done in order to transition.

I certainly agree that he should be forced out to demonstrate that rules and protocol apply to everyone. Not that rules have stopped him before.

I don't think he can. It's not up to him. When the votes are counted, the result will be announced. So far almost all of his lawsuits have been thrown out, because they have no substance. He's just desperate and trying anything he can. It won't work. Even Fox News says there is no basis for his claims.


I believe once Donald Trump has (hopefully) failed to overturn the election in the courts he WILL resign and Pence will grant him that pardon. Biden would then become the 47th president.

Very interesting thought. Wouldn't surprise me.

You know... that might actually be the smartest thing Trump could do under the circumstances.
Problem is... I doubt he's smart enough to do it. He is owned by his ego.

@skado He's smart but he's also power hungry. If he can't steal this he will instantly campaign for 2024 on 1/20/21. If he resigned, that wouldn't happen for him. It's not enough for him to be president once, he wants to pull a Grover Cleveland.

He is not pardonable for the state indictments brought by the Southern District of New York.

@Davekp if he resigns, they won't go forward with any criminal proceeding against Trump. Civil litigation yes. If he steps down and Mike Pence pardons him, I'd be very happy with that. They'd both be toast.

@barjoe I think he will remain throughout the β€œlame duck” period and wreak as much havoc as he will be allowed. I hope I am wrong.

@Davekp He will be even worse after January 20th. He will be Trump Train attacking President Biden every day on Fox News. He might even get his own show.

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